DTNS 3258a – Ban ¢ash movement

As countries like Sweden push for cashless payments it seems the future of currency is electronic payments but is this a necessarily a good thing? Plus Facebook CEO Zuckerberg gets a grilling on Capital Hill and the W3C and FIDO Alliance announce WebAuthn, a password-free open standard supported by the latest version of Firefox.

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Patrick Beja.


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One thought on “DTNS 3258a – Ban ¢ash movement

  1. Hi Tom and Sarah and Roger,

    Male, on the wrong side of 40, degree in computer sciences, and serious gadget freak and tech enthusiast .

    Do not use Facebook, Twitter, Amazon(not available here), Apple products, Insta-Snap-Whats-Up, or any other “social media” type website(that I am aware of).

    I do use Google products (phone/browser/maps/mail) but are never logged into an account when browsing the web.

    I do take cyber security very serious, but that is not the reason for shunning social media.

    I just do not find a compelling reason to use it. I can call, text or mail any family member/friend/business I need to. I can afford SMS’s(texts), and do not see why whatsapp is so popular?

    ANYWAY, this is a roundabout way of saying OMG, I am getting fed up with all the facebook and social media news.
    To me, they are just software programs, not unlike Excel or Google maps or VLC.

    All this facebook stuff equates to Kardasian level gossiping in my mind – meaning I go blind and deaf for a few seconds at the mention of either.

    Which is becoming dangerous, since I’m mostly driving when listening to the show……….

    Maybe I am ALSO too close to the “GET OFF MY LAWN!!!” phase of my life.

    Eish bruh (local expression)

    Love you all

    Proud Patreon
    Pretoria (South Africa)

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