DTNS 3305 – Graphing Graphics Card Pricing

After months of sky high GPU prices it seems the cost of a new video card is coming down. Patrick Norton from TekThing joins us with his video card picks plus a whole host of other PC part goodies that you’ll definitely want on your shopping list. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Len Peralta, RogerContinue reading “DTNS 3305 – Graphing Graphics Card Pricing”

Daily Tech Headlines – June 15, 2018

AT&T has acquired Time Warner, Apple may expect to sell more cheap phones this year and the 5G standard is complete. MP3 Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Follow us on Soundcloud. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, none of this would be possible. If you are willing to support the show or give as littleContinue reading “Daily Tech Headlines – June 15, 2018”