DTNS 3334 – July Roundtable: Money, Sex & Likes

It’s our end of month July round table episode. We examine how robust security keys are in everyday life and why moving to physical keys in an digital world makes sense. We discuss the technology used to discover water on Mars and how this will change the idea of space exploration. Plus teens debate theContinue reading “DTNS 3334 – July Roundtable: Money, Sex & Likes”

MoviePass Runs Out of Money – DTH

Disney and Fox approve merge, Atlassian sells HipChat and Stride to Slack, Moviepass borrows $5 million to keep going for another day. MP3 Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, none of this would be possible. If you are willing to support the show< directly/a> or give as little as 5Continue reading “MoviePass Runs Out of Money – DTH”