DTNS: It’s My Toto’s Africa! – DTNS 3455

Facebook plans on unifying the messaging infrastructure in Instagram, FB Messenger and What’s App. DeepMind’s AlphaStar AI was finally defeated in StarCraft II after defeating 10 other players. MIT’s MediaLab found Amazon’s Rekognition software misidentified the faces of darker complexioned and female faces at a higher rate than those of lighter skinned men. Starring TomContinue reading “DTNS: It’s My Toto’s Africa! – DTNS 3455”

Facebook to Unify Its Messaging Infrastructure – DTH

Facebook plans to unify the underlying messaging infrastructure of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, study finds Amazon’s Rekognition has trouble with gender, and Vodaphone temporarily halts Huawei 5G infrastructure purchases. MP3 Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, none of this would be possible. Big thanks to Dan Lueders for theContinue reading “Facebook to Unify Its Messaging Infrastructure – DTH”