How It’s Made

Show Prep

Monday-Friday Tom combs through the tech news selecting what seems to be the stories getting the most buzz then combines that with the stories getting the most attention from the DTNS audience and his own sense of what makes a well-rounded headlines section.

Tom, Sarah, Roger and guests decide on a main topic for discussion and then perfect the show with a few emails from the smartest audience in the world.


Tom looks at the following sources when determining what’s buzzworthy and what’s interesting.

Google News – What’s getting blogged enough to catch the algorithm’s attention
Techmeme – What skilled curators think is hot.
DTNS Subreddit – What a section of the audience is into.
His own RSS feeds – What catches Tom’s eye

You can see what’s in his feeds in this OPML file.

A few years ago, Tom used Snapchat to document his preparation process for the show. He saved the video and posted it to the DTNS YouTube channel. Althoguh things have changed a bit since then.

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