Get Me To The Vertiport – DTNS 4284

Sony detailed investors on the future of its Game & Network Services Segment including the future of PS5 and moving beyond the console. Plus the latest in the air taxi developments and ProtonMail’s new unified service offering. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang, Joe, Amos MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader?Continue reading “Get Me To The Vertiport – DTNS 4284”

Cybersecurity: The Next Generation – DTNS 4282

Cybersecurity jobs are in demand right now. So why are companies demanding a level of experience few have leading to almost 400,000 cybersecurity job openings in the US alone? Microsoft brings support for Arm processor based AI to Windows as well as an Arm version of Visual Studio and an Arm based mini-PC. Plus weContinue reading “Cybersecurity: The Next Generation – DTNS 4282”

Is Human Extinction Inevitable? – DTNS 4281

Is the human race on the edge of extinction? And is technology the reason why humanity’s future existence is so hazy right now? Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Erin Carson, Roger Chang, Joe, Amos MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Follow us on Twitter Instgram YouTubeContinue reading “Is Human Extinction Inevitable? – DTNS 4281”

What’s A Short-Throw Projector? – DTNS 4280

We show you how to score a hard-to-find Raspberry Pi for that project you’ve been planning. Plus Qualcomm is changing fabs from Samsung to TSMC with the Snapdragon 8+ the first result and we explain why LG’s latest CineBeam short-throw projector just might be the bee’s knees. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton, RogerContinue reading “What’s A Short-Throw Projector? – DTNS 4280”

Putting Your Face On A Refrigerator – DTNS 4279

TikTok has plans to get into gaming by conducting tests in Vietnam, a company has released a new API to make reading any piece of text faster, and we get into the details of a new Senate bill called “The Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act”. Starring Tom Merritt, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang,Continue reading “Putting Your Face On A Refrigerator – DTNS 4279”

Not So Stablecoins – DTNS 4278

MIT researchers develop a way to desalinate seawater into potable water without expensive pumps or filtration systems. We take a look at Acer’s latest OLED offerings. And we explain the stable crash coin and the impact it has on other cryptocurrencies. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Joe, Amos MP3 Download UsingContinue reading “Not So Stablecoins – DTNS 4278”

As The Workforce Churns – DTNS 4276

In an effort to stop falling subscribership Netflix is looking at offering live streaming. Uber Eats is piloting two ways to deliver food autonomously in Los Angeles. And we get some hard numbers of what exactly happened during the Great Resignation and how much of the narrative about people leaving work for better opportunities ringsContinue reading “As The Workforce Churns – DTNS 4276”