NASCAR Takes a Left Turn – DTNS 4025

Was the FCC’s decision to roll back on net neutrality rules based on fraudulent public comments? The NYAG thinks so and so does FCC Acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang, Joe, Amos MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Archive.orgContinue reading “NASCAR Takes a Left Turn – DTNS 4025”

The Dialogue is Flawless – DTNS 4023

The Oxford Internet Institute published a survey of 430,000 10 to 15-year-olds about their TV viewing, social-media and device use with feelings of depression, suicidal tendencies and behavioral problems. What were the results and what does it mean? Starring Tom Merritt. Sarah Lane, Allison Sheridan, Roger Chang, Joe, Amos MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader?Continue reading “The Dialogue is Flawless – DTNS 4023”

I’m Not Betting on Yahoo – DTNS 4022

TSMC says it projects its supply will catch up to the auto industry’s demand by the end of June, Verizon announced Monday it intends to sell its Verizon Media division to Apollo Global Management, and Sony announced a partnership that will see it integrate Discord into “your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network” byContinue reading “I’m Not Betting on Yahoo – DTNS 4022”

The Smaller The Pie, The Sharper The Knives – DTNS 4020

We take a look at the state of harmful speech regulation online as the European Parliament formally adopting a law requiring internet companies to “remove or disable access to flagged terrorist content”. Plus a recent article in Wired by Gilad Edelman says Social Media platforms speech policies aren’t actually inspired by the First Amendment andContinue reading “The Smaller The Pie, The Sharper The Knives – DTNS 4020”

TikTok, The Public Square – DTNS 4018

TikTok is popularized as a pop-culture meme generator. But the platform is increasingly being used for other less well known uses including cooking tutorials, language learning, real estate listings, DIY projects and in some cases for dating. We talk to CNET’s Erin Carson about how TikTok morphed from short funny videos into a cornucopia ofContinue reading “TikTok, The Public Square – DTNS 4018”