A Permanent Record of Bad Decisions – DTNS 3999

Motherboard posted a story earlier this week about multiple occurrences where someone bought an NFT and then the thing the NFT referred to disappeared, Facebook announced a couple new features and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that in the next several months, Apple may make an announcement for a mixed reality headset. Starring Tom Merritt, SarahContinue reading “A Permanent Record of Bad Decisions – DTNS 3999”

Nvidia Sets the Bar and Resizes it – DTNS 3998

LinkedIn is adding features that cater to video creators, Arm announced its first major new chip architecture in ten years, called Armv9, and PayPal will let US users use cryptocurrency holdings to pay online merchants in the coming months with a feature it calls Checkout with Crypto. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Lamarr Wilson, RogerContinue reading “Nvidia Sets the Bar and Resizes it – DTNS 3998”

What Can Stretch Do for You? – DTNS 3997

Boston Dynamics announced Stretch, a new robot designed to move boxes in warehouses, MIT computer scientists led a team that looked at 10 of the most-cited datasets used to test machine learning systems and found that 3.4% of data was either inaccurate or mislabeled, Sony announced it’s shutting down the PlayStation Store for the PlayStationContinue reading “What Can Stretch Do for You? – DTNS 3997”

It’s Never The Wrong Time To Backup Your Data! – DTNS 3996

Xiaomi plans to market electric vehicles under its own brand, Dodge announced a new security feature for its Challenger and Charger cars that requires a four-digit code to unlock the car fully and TCL wants to combine rollable and foldable screens into one device. Starring Tom Merritt, Patrick Norton, Len Peralta, Roger Chang, Joe. MP3Continue reading “It’s Never The Wrong Time To Backup Your Data! – DTNS 3996”

Social Media’s Capitol Affair – DTNS 3995

Zuckerberg, Pichai, and Dorsey all testified before the House Energy and Commerce committee to discuss spreading disinformation, extremism and misinformation, Facebook announced it took actions to disrupt the group that security researchers call “Evil Eye” or “Poison Carp” and Triumph announced details about its TE-1 electric bike project, in development since 2019. Starring Rich Stroffolino,Continue reading “Social Media’s Capitol Affair – DTNS 3995”