Hey Facebook, Nice Glasses! – DTNS 4107

Facebook announces new smart glasses called Ray-Ban Stories, iRobot announces the Roomba j7+ robot vacuum featuring built-in machine vision, BMW showed off two e-bike concepts, the I Vision AMBY and Motorrad Vision AMBY and Amazon released its own house-brand TVs running it’s FireOS smart TV system. Starring Tom Merritt, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang, Amos,Continue reading “Hey Facebook, Nice Glasses! – DTNS 4107”

Less Cashiers, More Service – DTNS 4106

Amazon plans to bring its “Just Walk Out” cashierless technology to two Whole Foods stores, Twitter launched a few feature tests. One changes the way photos are displayed on mobile and the second lets users remove followers without blocking them, and we look at the state of long range wireless charging. Starring Tom Merritt, SarahContinue reading “Less Cashiers, More Service – DTNS 4106”

This Isn’t the Privacy Issue You’re Looking For – DTNS 4105

A ProPublica report says contractors hired by Facebook are reviewing messages that have been flagged by an algorithm as improper, El Salvador now officially uses Bitcoin as legal tender, and A police report revealed French police via Europol, got a Swiss court to order ProtonMail to log and provide to the police the IP addressContinue reading “This Isn’t the Privacy Issue You’re Looking For – DTNS 4105”

Project Pegasus: Reportaje Especial – NTX

Pegasus es una herramienta digital vendida por el Grupo NSO a diferentes gobiernos alrededor del mundo que ha sido utilizado para monitorear activistas, políticos y personas de interés. En el Pegasus Project, periodistas de 17 medios que incluyen a The Guardian, Le Monde, The Washington Post y Aristegui Noticias colaboraron para revelar la manera enContinue reading “Project Pegasus: Reportaje Especial – NTX”

What Will You Do With the Loot Bag? – DTNS 4104

Apple will delay its CSAM features, Amazon plans to release its own branded TVs later this year, and how widespread is misinformation on social media spread during political campaigns and ways to mitigate their effects. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Nicole Lee, Roger Chang, Joe MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versionsContinue reading “What Will You Do With the Loot Bag? – DTNS 4104”

The Pizza Sauce Glue – DTNS 4101

Microsoft announced the free upgrade to Windows 11 will begin rolling out on October 5th, starting with new devices. Protocol’s Amber Burton has an article called ‘There aren’t enough data scientists’: How the future of reskilling in tech is changing. South Korea’s National Assembly passed an amendment on Tuesday prohibiting large app-store operators from requiringContinue reading “The Pizza Sauce Glue – DTNS 4101”

Windows 10 is the New Windows 7 – DTNS 4100

Has constant video conferencing made people already neurotic about their image? A new survey from Harvard in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology suggests that video conferencing is impacting how people view themselves, in a disorder called “Zoom dysmorphia.” Starring Tom Merritt, Rich Stroffolino, Robb Dunewood, Roger Chang, Joe, Amos MP3 Download Using a ScreenContinue reading “Windows 10 is the New Windows 7 – DTNS 4100”

Gaming Checkpoint – DTNS Experiment Week

Gaming Checkpoint gives you an overview of what’s going on around the console scene, covering hardware options, online play, and near future outlook. Whether you’re a lapsed gamer looking to dive back into this generation or are getting into console gaming for the first time, this episode will cover what Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony haveContinue reading “Gaming Checkpoint – DTNS Experiment Week”