Ad Supported TV on the Comeback – DTNS 4416

Embracer Group has acquired Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics. The company also owns the worldwide exclusive rights to elements of The Hobbit and Lord of the rings. We speculate what Embracer Group is up to. The latest Framework modular laptop, that lets you swap out components and ports like a desktop PC, has received positiveContinue reading “Ad Supported TV on the Comeback – DTNS 4416”

Building a New PC, What to Pick? – DTNS 4415

PC tester Will Smith is here to explain the upgrades in his latest PC build including what he chose for a GPU. Hybrid work has been touted as the normal. But is the hybrid work experience the same for everyone involved? Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Will Smith, Roger Chang, Joe. MP3 DownloadContinue reading “Building a New PC, What to Pick? – DTNS 4415”

No One Reads the Terms of Service – DTNS 4413

K-Pop is a pop-music sensation. But are catchy beats and staged managed performers ripe for an AI makeover? Plus AI powered Chatbots have been used to impersonate notable figures from history like dead presidents, authors and celebrities. But what if you used it to talk to your younger self? And Lawmakers target incomprehensible EULA termsContinue reading “No One Reads the Terms of Service – DTNS 4413”

What’s Your Brand Loyalty? – DTNS 4412

Is space tourism just for the rich and friends of the rich? Or do high-profile and deep-pocketed tycoons hold the promise of space tourism for the masses? Amazon wants to kill the barcode and replace it with something called Multimodal Identification. And we go over Morning Consult’s Fastest Growing Brands of 2022 to see whichContinue reading “What’s Your Brand Loyalty? – DTNS 4412”

Tech Formula for Music – DTNS 4411

Do constant alerts and notifications on your smartphone adversely affect your mental health and work productivity? Would you pay $950 for noise-canceling headphones with a mouth piece that also purifies the air you breathe in? And how is technology shaping the style and scope of popular music that is being created? Starring Tom Merritt, SarahContinue reading “Tech Formula for Music – DTNS 4411”

Jailbreak Your Car – DTNS 4409

What’s the problem with a subscription model to “unlock” features on a car you already own? And we examine the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act. A bill that enables news organizations to collectively negotiate with online platforms for increased revenue share. Plus we hear back from listeners who work in the trucking business on ourContinue reading “Jailbreak Your Car – DTNS 4409”

Nice Looking Code, But Does It Work? – DTNS 4408

Two weeks ago we had a discussion with Andrea Jones-Rooy on how the problems that come about because we don’t fully understand how AI Models work. Today we have our follow-up on the same topic focusing on what we could and should do to mitigate the issues surrounding AI generated “answers”. Plus as companies moveContinue reading “Nice Looking Code, But Does It Work? – DTNS 4408”

The Children Are The Metaverse – DTNS 4407

The European Commission has ruled airlines can provide in-flight 5G technology on board planes. Kids are purportedly asking for virtual currencies instead of actual currencies as they spend increasingly more in online virtual economies. And why is smart home brand Eufy’s security cameras sending unencrypted images and streamed video to AWS servers when it sellsContinue reading “The Children Are The Metaverse – DTNS 4407”