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99 thoughts on “SUPPORT

  1. Hola Tom, πŸ™‚ I’ve been a fan of the way you update us on the news and information, I’m glad you followed your gig and I moved right along with ya. Once I noticed you placed your podcast on iTunes it was time for me to subscribe through downcast (my choice for podcast) but one thing I found confusing is the podcast episodes names. I may be a bit picky but I like to be able to locate and then download episodes according to the dates they were broadcast. That helps me look into some shocking news o events that happened. I understand the numbering on your shows as you explained but for me it would be good if the podcast name had the date so I can sort and locate easily a podcast on my downcast if I want to re-listen to it. Tom I love your show and the way you provide insight on every piece of technology news we’ll be listening from down under (I wish it was Australia but is Mexico) hahaha kind regards.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jose! Since every episode carries the date in it through the RSS feed I felt it was redundant to put the date in the title as well, especially since it makes the title really long. In downcast (and most podcatchers) you can sort by the date published instead of title. But if enough people want it I’ll reconsider.

  2. Hey Tom! I’ve been listening to you since early CNET days. I still remember you doing a podcast to explain what “bluetooth” was. I always appreciate your insight and thoughtful discussion. I’m glad to follow you to DTNS and happy to support the show through Patreon. Thanks!

  3. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for continuing the great work. I didn’t realize how good your team was at TNT and why I loved the show until you departed. I was very disappointed after listening TNT for first few weeks, I think it was mainly because I was so used to the high energy geeky group talk that I was listing daily and all of a sudden everything changed. But, now you are here with the DTNS show and I trust me you have one more committed listener.

    I wish you a very best luck and would be happy to support anyway I can!

    Prashant (Yes Tank is my last name…pronounced as Taank)

  4. A couple of us were wondering
    whether there’s a way we can donate directly, rather than going through Patreon.

    I ask because simply sending money to another party on a regular basis is kind of a solved problem – and so In your case where you don’t require any of the more fancy engagement/rewards that Patreon offers, they seem like a needless complexity and surcharge. (Insert evocative terms like “disintermediation” and “end-to-end” here.)

    If Patreon will be the only method, so be it – but I wanted to pose the question !


    1. Any service I use (Paypal etc..) would take a cut and Patreon provides some other useful abilities (like messaging patrons etc.) that a Paypal wouldn’t. I don’t really want to handle the money directly by mail which has its own cost in time and accounting, so really trust me when I say this is the best way for me to do this right now.

  5. (Is amused by thought of Tom emptying a plastic bag full of nickels that he received individually through the mail onto the counter of this local bank every day.)

    Thanks for answering: Patreonage it is then. (I think it’s another 5% for Patreon over and above the usual 3%-ish for payment processing that you’d pay on e.g. a PayPal donation button… but I can understand why one might want to keep it simple. Your house, your rules!)

  6. Hi Tom,

    I left a twitter but maybe this is the better place to comment. There is a lot of bad journalism right now about bitcoin, mostly by the major media, and a sever lack of tech reporters covering the topic. Most of them are chasing headlines and not concerned with the actual development of the technology or the platform. I am excited to see you take btc. Can you also cover the topic more. I understand you don’t want to give it exclusive time, but if you can keep the news on your/our radar, it would be much appreciated by your fans. Thanks for the show!

  7. Sorry to hear you and other key people leave twit, but glad you are still around and giving us useful tech news. Twit is not the same with out you and the others there. I have subscribed to DTNS on iTunes and will support you financially.
    May you grow and become one of the larger internet TV stations.

  8. Hi, Tom!

    Love your show! Please, keep going with all your projects and the show. I’m always happy to listen to you while at work or at home. God always bless you and your family.

    Joel, from Puerto Rico

  9. hi ,Tom big fun of dtns, i enjoy seeing your show on the road, how much will it cost to see more of those kinds of shows or some round table podcast just like u did on twit with iyaz and sarah lane!!

  10. Hi Tom! I used to watch your Top 5 videos on CNET all the time back in the day and was stoked when I stumbled upon DTNS (featured on the Android app Pocket Casts) and realized you have your own podcast! I look forward to listening to it everyday and am excited when it downloads at 6pm. Thanks for your show and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

  11. PLEASE make a roku app… πŸ™‚

    I would write one my self but programing is not my gig.
    How ever I am a PATREON donator so as your boss I say get on it.


  12. do you all have bandwidth constraints that limit the number of podcast downloads you have in a day? Many times when I try to play or download and it isn’t close to the time it was released, I miss out. I am glad I recently subscribed to the youtube channel but I would prefer the podcast option.

  13. Hi Tom & Team,

    It’s great to see you are allowing Bitcoin donations. Have you also considered a micro transaction currency like Digibyte ?( – it’s much faster than Bitcoin and due to the lower value makes it easier to deal with micro transactions – indeed thats the whole theory behind it. People can also tip using twitter and it’s easily exchanged for dollars or Bitcoins on several online exchanges.
    Personally I think podcasts are a perfect use example for micro-transaction currencies – Digibyte seems to be the best of these at present.
    Let me know if you do start to accept Digibyte as I would like to make a donation to get you started. Will also be doing a standard donation shortly.

    Thanks and keep up the great shows.


  14. Tom, there are many tech podcasts out there, and out of all the ones I have heard, I like yours the best by far. I listen on the way home from work every day. You keep us fully up to date with interesting news and discussions, yet keep the show length down.

    Well done sir.

  15. Tom,
    Can you ask your smart audience to find me a utility that runs in the background (on Windows 8.1 – maybe a scheduled task or a service) and scans a directory and when it detects a new file (i.e. a scan from my scanner) it will email it using my yahoo email account to an Evernote email address and then archive the file in another subdirectory? I’m sure someone has done this and if you find me a suable utility I’ll donate $100 to the show, and pay for the shareware costs – or alternatively donate to you in their name, or both!!

  16. I use Hazel on the Mac for stuff just like that; it’s very powerful, but I’m not sure if it’s available for Windows.

  17. Hello DTNS.

    Tom and company, I love DTNS and want to support the show, but I am a self employed computer repair shop owner who is barely scraping by. (Enough with the boo-hoo).

    I would like to propose that if you have a PDF that I can print and display in my brick and mortar store that highlights DTNS as the way that I get my tech news and a bit about podcasts, I will prominently display it in my store and tell my customers about how to sign up and listen to the greatest tech news show around.

    So, interested?

  18. I now really understand the sincerity of the DTNS commitment to the value for value model. Applauding a listener for withdrawing support sold me. I’ll be adding my support as soon as I finish posting this comment. Thanks.

  19. Started listening about a month ago and was considering becoming a supporter.

    Encryption Depiction pushed me over the line into becoming a supporter as Tom presented the most balanced and thoughful response to the Apple/FBI issue that I found all week on the web.

    I went through all my other standard sources and other than DTNS they all fell into either (a) folks who don’t really know what they’re talking about, (b) hardcore PRIVACY MUST ALWAYS WIN comments or (c) hardcore NATIONAL SECURITY MUST ALWAYS WIN comments.

    Good show, thanks.

  20. Hi Tom,

    Thank you very much for DTNS, I really like your balanced and witty approach to the tech news!

    The “standard” DTNS t-shirts are a bit difficult to find: when I click the “DTNS Store” link at the top of this page, the page is shown which has six products on it. Clicking the “products” link ( then adds 67% more: ten products (on two pages), now including the t-shirt I was searching for. It might be a good idea to directly link to the page from this page?

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers, Freek de Bruijn (Netherlands)

    1. Hey Thomas,

      Thank you for supporting the show! You’re contribution means a lot to us.

      The DTNS Slack Invite are sent out once every month at the beginning of the month after the first time your pledge is charged. If you’ve upgraded your pledge but haven’t changed your reward level you might not receive an invitation. If this is the case just message us in Patreon and we’ll take care of it.

  21. Hey Tom,

    Just wanted to say I had to drop my patreon $$$, not as I have any thing against the show now, still a huge fan, but simply as finances are stacking up at present.

    Hope to get back on the patreon train asap

  22. Hi,
    I was a patreon for a short while.
    But, as I realized, Patreon charge a processing fee for each transactions.
    More, as a canadian, the exchange rate goes up and down every day. Especially since your clown in chief treathened NAFTA.
    I would love to give a yearly donation, in canadian $.
    Does this makes me a Patreon?
    What email show I use to do so?
    Have a nice day and thanks for the good work.
    As I’m not united-stater, I enjoy a lot your point of view that’s not always US centric.

  23. Hi Tom,
    I don’t need rewards or other stuff, I just want to support the organizations I want to support without an intermediary filter. I just donated lump sum what I would have in a year through Patreon. I am an engineer and have a deep rooted belief that the word “equal” means that there is no difference on either side of an equation. Patreon has every right to run their business the way the want to. On the other hand, when I see unequal treatment of either side of the equation based on political beliefs, then I have every right to take my business elsewhere.
    Thank you and all those who labor to put out a quality podcast. I have been listening to you since the “old times” and enjoy your talent and intellect. Keep up the good work – I do not want to see your income diminish or be held ransom in the future, so keep the PayPal account open.
    Good luck!

  24. Learned about your show from my Amazon Alexa flash Briefing. Loved it… Unfortunately as of September 15th, your show stopped updating on Alexa. The last and only show available is the one on the 15th… Is this an Amazon or technical issue. Miss easy access to your show…

  25. Dear DTHL….Your podcast…headlines… is currently not available on Amazons Alexa….repeated since the 22nd…now says it is not available. I just reported it to Amazon…via Alexa App…when it is up and running again you should individually reply to all of your recent reviews. Thorght you should know.

  26. Hey Tom, been wanting to ‘help’ for a while but kept hearing about the Patreon channel. After almost two years, just thought of checking for PayPal based on something you said in yesterday’s show. Could you promote PayPal as a one time donation channel a bit more? I figure there might be others who want to do that, but aren’t sure how. Yeah… I’m a proud member of the Eureka! crew… always discovering what others already know πŸ™‚
    (No disrespect to Archimedes)
    Oh…. greetings from Jamaica

    1. Thanks Stephen! The Reason I don’t promote this more often is it has been less useful for people to support us on Paypal thnan on Patreon. We don’t have organized way to communicate with our paypal supporters, a way to deliver rewards and there’s a whole host of other things related to maintenance of the platform that would become burdensome if large numbers started to use it. Patreon is worth the cost *I* pay it for that reason, which is why I promote Patreon. That said I understand it will not always work for everybody which is why we have the paypal option and promote this page at ehte top of every show. Of course as things play out with the Patreon change all the above logic may change. But even if everything were to go back to the way it was, I’ll try to make sure to mention the alternatives a bit more often.

  27. Question about memberful: Do we still get the “patreon” rewards with memberful or is that only with Patreon? I am the worst case scenario with the Patreon change to anniversary billing. I loved that patreon only billed me once for the many small contributions I do to many different artists. Now that they will be billing me separately for every contribution I unfortunately have to focus my efforts on a few artists that are most important to me. I think Patreon is trying to do too many things and not focusing on what they were originally good at.

  28. Hey Tom, Why can’t I send money directly via Cash App? For the fans who don’t care about rewards but want to support periodically. I know there is the paypal option, but Cash App may also get rid of the middle man.

    1. Because I can only support so many services before just maintaining and the services becomes a job of its own. The cash app is no good for people not using iOS, whereas Paypal works for everybody.

  29. “maintaining and the services becomes a job of its owe”
    I agree.

    BOL well actually:
    Cash APP by square:
    I have 8 siblings and this is how we exchange small payments. Works on IOS and android, one of my sisters does not even use apps but rather email to send payments. Square also gives you a personal page where people can enter a card number and send you a payment without the sender even needing an account.

    I’m going to wait a couple months to see how all this boils down, will probably switch from patreon to PayPal. I don’t utilize patreon rewards and I’m a little peeved that more of my measly $2/mo is not making its way to DTNS.

  30. This download constantly fails in Zune (yes, the very old MS mp3 player. Was fine until about a couple weeks ago, now fails everyday: “Can’t access the server.”

    1. Sorry about that. We’re seeing a few fails since we switched our CDN. Almost all of them are older devices that don’t handle the redirect well.

  31. Hello to the DTNS crew,

    I show that as a Production Assistant we have a Discord rewards. How do I access this reward?

    Thanks for a great show. Makes my morning commute educational and entertaining.


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