Daily Tech Headlines – August 17, 2017

DTH_CoverArt_1500x1500Google tweaks Google Docs, launches Google Home calling and HMD shows off Nokia 8.



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2 thoughts on “Daily Tech Headlines – August 17, 2017

  1. Great flash but it is too LOUD.!! I should not have to turn down this flash episode when everyone other podcast is at a decent setting. Very annoying

  2. I’m always glad to see your organization keeping neutral when discussing social issues and this episode 3097 was no different. Before I go into my thoughts, however, a couple of caveats… I’m over 60 years old, so I was also living in the last big social unrest we lived in the late sixties and have personal views of these situations in history. Also, let me say up front, I don’t appreciate either the extreme Left or Right, no matter the name or group they call themselves, I have discovered extremism taints any semblance of an ability to have any understanding of the other person or the reason for their actions.
    In this story, I applaud CloudFlare for bringing up the discussion for a need to have rules for the Internet dealing with content that can be readily applied to all services within the industry, he is right 1 person should not have the ability to made that decision. But wait, he has not only made that decision but when he came to this realization, he maintained his 1 person rule. Hypocritical, to say the least… With him not reversing his decision, the industry will think there now is not a pressing need to come up with this rule making committee or taking any action for the next time, because what’s the hurry, we’ll get CloudFlare to do it again on the next site the majority don’t like.
    In connection to the prior point, unless rules are started quickly, this scenario will have set up the industry to lose control of all situations like this, as now any organization that was unprotected by CloudFlare can get the government involved by suing CloudFlare and when it gets to the Supreme Court, they always go to the side of free speech. Look at past cases involving the Internet, remember the Porn website battles.
    Once the Supreme Court rules, the government has control. Which may be what is necessary, that’s another discussion…
    I say government control because courts are a part of the government, Civil and Criminal. Once a court has ruled, the issue has been dealt with by the government and will have its power.

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