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72 thoughts on “SUBSCRIBE

  1. Great start Tom. I am with you. Look forward to hearing more long form on tech from you. Btw, feedburner is blocked in China so I have to vpn in order to download the podcast. Can’t you just host the feed on a squarespace website?

  2. This may seam like a stupid question and I apologise in case it dose but I enjoyed watching/ listening to you on tech news today during the live stream while I was at work. My question is how can I listen live ?

    Thank you for all you do. I really love the way u put fun and interest into the news of the day

    1. Not a stupid question at all, in fact a common one. Keep an eye out on or Twitter and G+. I’ll try to stream live as often as I can at around 4:30 PM Easter

  3. I’ve got my podcatcher setup using the Feedburner RSS feed, but I seem to only be downloading the audio version of the show.

    Is the video version only on YouTube, or is there a separate RSS feed for the video version?

    Thanks, great first episode!

      1. Hey Tom, love your show. I put together a RSS feed for the video version of your Daily Tech News Show.

        The feed is done programmatically by taking your YouTube uploads and combining them with your uploaded videos on It depends on your YouTube video title in the format of “Daily Tech News Show – [date]”.

        And the path and file names to your videos on follow this format: DailyTechNewsShow[MMM].[d]2C[yyyy]/Daily%20Tech%20News%20Show%20-%20[MMM].%2014%252C%20[yyyy].mp4

        If you feel it’s helpful or someone from this site wants to take over, please let me know and I will transfer the feed.

        Thanks again!

      2. You’re too kind! As it turns out, Podcasts app on iOS has trouble download the actual file from Currently, only streaming works on the app. If you know anyone who might be interested in working on this, please let me know. Thanks!!

      3. Tom: if you get the chance, can you please rename the file from Jan 15 show on It has the lower case “n” in “Daily Tech news”… The video feed looks for upper case “N”. Sorry about the trouble. Thanks!

        If anyone who likes to work or maintain this, please contact me at

      4. Sorry about that. I keep trying to rename it but it says ‘bad char in filename’ I think it doesn’t like the spaces even though they’re there. What exact string does your script look for? I can try to rename in a way that suits Unix and you.

      5. I think you can change it on

        – Under Resources, click on Edit Item.
        – Click on the link: change the files
        – Right click on the mp4 file and select Rename
        – And please change the file name from
        Daily Tech news Show – Jan. 15%2C 2014.mp4
        Daily Tech News Show – Jan. 15%2C 2014.mp4

        The only difference is the letter N. Thank you, Tom!!

      6. I see your point, Tom. Would it be easy for us to just upload the file with this name Daily Tech News Show – Jan. 15%2C 2014.mp4 ? Thanks!

  4. I wanted to say I have always been a big fan but did not realize just how big until the moment I heard the announcement about your contract not being renewed at TWIT for 2015. I can honestly say I took what you do for granted. But with that said, it will not happen again. The minute I found out you were putting this show together, I subscribed and I will be as loyal as they come in terms of listening and supporting you. I am truly thankful for all you do.

    1. I stuck with the old TNT for as long as I could stand it. I figured I would give Mike E a fair shot. He has failed to impress. I have been a long time listener/watcher of TNT (since episodes were in their teens). No more. I am now jumping back to the ship that sailed without me and I’m glad to be back. Glad I found you Tom.

  5. Great work in all that you do. Keep it coming. Will you be using or thought of using bitsync in the future for episodes and show notes? Have a great year.

  6. Tom,
    Just let me say that I really appreciate, all the Tech News I receive from your show. I was a daily video consumer of TNT when you were there. Now I have followed you with your new adventure.
    The New TNT with Elgin just doesn’t pass the mustard with me, Too sterile with him at the helm.
    Keep up the great work , and let us know how we can make a contribution.

  7. Great to hear your voice without even a pause from your last TNT show. I was so bummed when I heard you we’re leaving TNT. I was a huge fan and never missed an audio show. I was very happy when I found out about your new show through subreddit.
    I think you’re doing a great job, and I’m really enjoying the show.
    You’re a class act and just keep doing what you love.
    On a side note I do feel a little sorry for Sarah, I just don’t think that she’s going to be able to stay so cheerful without you around.
    When she cried on your last episode of TNT ( I got choked up as well ) I think it was also because she knew that the show was never going to be the same. And it’s not. I listened to the first two shows and I’m done. I could go on and say a bunch of stuff about Elgin, but it’s being said by hundreds of the old shows fans over on subreddit, so no need for me to go off.
    Tom you’re a great person with a fantastic personality, and you’re pretty smart to boot, so your fans will follow you don’t worry about that!

  8. Thanks for getting listed on Stitcher.
    I have been missing your take on tech news.
    I hope you can get back to the signature Tom segues it felt like they were stifled shortly after the start of TNT .

  9. The audio is on windows phone store now for us 5%-ers. Without Zune the submission is a single persons email. He added the feed Friday and the episodes are the there now for download.

  10. Tom very sorry about TNT but happy to find out about your new show, I’ve been your fan since CNET, great shows with Brian and Brian, I am from Honduras Ventral America, keep your escence that makes you who you you are, a great showman tech geek, the new guy on Twit BOOOOORRRRING, pure Sarah, bring her with you, my best regards Tom.

  11. I’ve been a loyal TNT watcher/listener for a long time. I tried to stick with it, but something was missing. Tom was missing. I didn’t realise just how much you brought to that show until you weren’t there.

    But now I’m here, and with a new appreciation of your talent.

    Thank you, for keeping it going. I’m all subscribed up, so get to work. 🙂

    PS. Not to mention, but that new guy is a friggin snooze-fest.

  12. Chris
    “I’ve been a loyal TNT watcher/listener for a long time. I tried to stick with it, but something was missing. Tom was missing. I didn’t realise just how much you brought to that show until you weren’t there.

    But now I’m here, and with a new appreciation of your talent.

    Thank you, for keeping it going. I’m all subscribed up, so get to work.

    PS. Not to mention, but that new guy is a friggin snooze-fest.”

    SO WELL SAID – caps intended. Another long-time listener here – I’m telling everyone about your new “digs” – keep up the great work.

  13. Tom, I just wanted to add my vote of support for your new show. I’ve been following you since the BOL days. I was thrilled when you joined the TWIT network because I had been a long fan of Leo and what he was doing with his shows. Tech News Today brought together an outstanding support team, but you were the cornerstone. It saddens me that you were forced out. TNT is a sad remnant of what it used to be. I still like Leo. I guess he did what he felt he had to do for his business. Whatever. Life goes on. You handled the entire situation in a professional manner. Good karma for you. Your fans (of whom I count myself as one) will continue to support you in your future endeavors. In other words, Tom, where you go, I will follow.

  14. Tom, I am so glad you are landing on your feet. I truly enjoy your take on tech news. I am also happy you have started releasing video podcasts. My only two suggestions are: Audio levels between guest feeds are not equal. This makes listening kind of annoying. Maybe compressing each feed before you combine them would be helpful. Second, is there any way to compress the video a bunch more, as the size for a 32:00 podcast is really large, 293MB? Thanks for letting me spout off, and good luck to you, Tom. Your future looks bright.

  15. Is it at all possible to get the Daily Tech News audio feed published a little bit earlier so it is available for download for the east coast commute home?

      1. Re: Tony 5/12/14 9:10PM
        + acedtect 5/12/14 10:01PM

        I just read this reply to the guy about getting the podcast done faster. wassamattayou? I bet your flux capacitor is broken. Go talk with the guys at the Genius Bar, they’ll be able to take care of you.

        (Your Mac DOES have a flux capacitor, doesn’t it?) 🙂


  16. Is anyone else having download issues with the video feed? I’m using doggcatcher on a nexus 4. I’ve tried both the links above, unsubscribed and resubscribed, and I get the same partial download error for the last two episodes. “ HTTP error received from server, response code: 404”

    Anyone else having issues or know a fix?

    1. Sorry about the inconvenience guys, Sharra. The video filename was wrong in today’s #DTNS feed. It’s fixed now. Please try to reload your feed again. And thank you for reporting it!

  17. Tom,

    I just discovered you new gig, I enjoyed your work at the previous one.

    I just subscribed to the audio podcast by pushing the URL using Pushbullet in Chrome on my PC to my Android phone. I love the new feature.

    I think iOS users are taken care of when it comes to podcasts, but no so much for Android users. Maybe its a good idea to have a short bit telling users how to subscribe to your work on Android.

    Good luck.

  18. Tom
    in-light of the recent 6.0 quake that hit the bay area this past weekend and the reverberation of aftershocks I hope that you and yours are safe and were not severely impacted by this unfortunate event. Thank you for all that you do for the Tech community and for continuing to produce the best show in tech BAR NONE.
    Best regards,
    – Jaceson

  19. Tom I am so glad you are doing another tech show. I got so sleepy listening to Mike E that replaced you on the TNT.. that show went in the hole man. You were the rock on that show. I have stopped listening to that show 2 months ago because it was just sooooo boooooring and now you are in my PodCast auto downloads.. Thanks Tom!!!

  20. Did you recently change the format of your downloads? I am no longer able to sync to my device, and I think it’s because you just increased your bitrate, but I’m not sure.

      1. Some have said that I’m a good continuity person 😉

  21. Ok, so is the “Unofficial” RSS broke, or what? I haven’t been getting DTNS for a month or so now. Maybe it’s my podcatcher, but I’m still getting the Hak5HD feed, so…

    I really don’t want to go back to iTunes for podcasts. POCA has been working for me for a few years and I don’t know what else to use on WHS2011 (it’s server 2008R2, which is what, Vista codebase?)

    Any suggestions for video podcatching on said system?

      1. Hey Tom, not the original poster but I think I’m having the same issue. I haven’t gotten a new download since the Jan 16 episode.
        I’m using pocket cast on Android 7.1.1 and I’m subbed to the video feed. I tried unsubscribing and resubscribing and still had the same result. I just don’t have anything newer in the feed.

      2. For video there was no Jan. 16 episode. And the feed still appears to be working from this side. You can email feedback at if you’d like to explain more. Sorry for the issue.

  22. Do you have the RSS feed for Daily Tech Headlines? My podcatcher has little iTunes support and it didn’t come up in search, so just wondering what the link is. Couldn’t find it anywhere else.

    Thanks Tom!

  23. I currently listen to the Daily Tech Headlines on my DOT as the Flash Briefing, but am switching over to Google Home. Is there a way to add the Headlines to my Home briefing?

  24. Was a long time Buzz out loud listener then moved to Tech News Today when Buzz shut down. Now moving to Daily Tech News show as TNT is gone. I may as well just follow Tom wherever he goes as I seem to end up there eventually 😀

    Cnet and Twit couldn’t keep a daily Tech News podcast on the air. My bet is Tom will be successful where they have failed. Glad to see Roger, Sarah, Veronica here as well!

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