Daily Tech News Show aka DTNS is dedicated to giving you tech news that’s easy to understand. In just 30 minutes, Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane along with our regular contributors and guests analyze the day’s top tech headlines in a fun and informative way. This show is available in both audio and video. But don’t take our word for it. Find out what other folks say about DTNS.

The following companion shows expand on the daily DTNS format to help you understand even more about tech.

Know A Little More. Want to know more about the terms and topics discussed on DTNS? That’s where Know A Little More comes in. Each episode offers you a comprehensive easy to understand overview of a single technology, tech policy, or tech development topic, giving you a better understanding of what it is and how it works. If you always wanted to know more about a particular technology “Know A Little More” is for you.
Daily Tech Headlines: . You don’t always have even 30 minutes to spare everyday. That’s why we have Daily Tech Headlines. In this 5-minute audio show Rich Stroffolino and Jenn Cutter take you through the day’s major tech headlines giving you the essentials you need to know.
Noticias de Tecnología Express is our Spanish language version of Daily Tech Headlines hosted by Dan Campos in Mexico City. Nearly 500 million people across the globe speak Spanish as a first language and Noticias de Tecnología Express aka NTX keeps them up to date on the tech essentials every week.
Good Day Internet is the show that wraps around DTNS. Think of it as the pre and post show with DTNS in the middle. Good Day Internet aka GDI features a lively free-form discussion about whatever is on the hosts’ minds, from food to entertainment, and includes extended discussions of the tech news of the day. If you like hanging out and talking tech with our hosts, this is your chance to talk to them about a wider variety of topics tech fans are interested in. Good Day Internet is available in audio or video to show patrons and Twitch subscribers. It runs about 60-75 minutes a day. Good Day Internet
The Tech Jawn is a second look at the week’s tech news headlines delivered from a different perspective. African Americans, demographically, are the biggest users of consumer technology in the country and The Tech Jawn aims to showcase how technology affects them as well as how they affect technology. Hosted by Robb Dunewood, Stephanie Humphrey and Terrance Gaines. You can follow it over at thetechjawn.com. The Tech Jawn
Daily Tech Newsletter. Get all the news around the podcast DTNS. The DTNS Newsletter is a Substack publication. You can subscribe to it over at dtns.substack.com.

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Live With It. Sarah Lane conducts long-term product tests so you can get beyond the specs and lab results and find out how tech affects her day to day life. Patreon supporters suggest gadgets or services that Sarah “lives with” for at least three months. Then she talks about what she liked and didn’t like, and makes a final recommendation for anyone either in the market or just curious. Go beyond the brief review and find out what it’s like to Live With It. Available earlier to Patrons!
Editor’s Desk. Weekly specials on how the show gets done, what the philosophy behind story selection is, deeper dives into policy stories, all hosted by Tom Merritt
Roger’s $0.02. Roger’s regular column with his analysis on stories covered on DTNS,  comments on technology trends, and his personal experiences with consumer technology.
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Monthly Rewind Show – Once a month the hosts look at the actual DTNS lineups from five years ago and compare it to what we know now. Get perspective on today’s tech by looking into the past.
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Who We Are

Host, Producer, Writer: Tom Merritt – Tom is a veteran podcaster and technology analyst. Tom ran the TechTV.com website. He created and hosted CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast with Molly Wood. He created and hosted TWIT’s award-winning Tech News Today podcast. He has been covering the daily tech news on a podcast, day in and day out, since March 2005. Follow Tom on twitter @acedtect
Host, Producer, Writer: Sarah Lane – Sarah is a veteran TV and Web journalist and host with experience at TechTV, Revision 3, TWiT, TechCrunch, Lionsgate and more. Sarah hosted Tech News Today with Tom Merritt for several years and directed video as well as hosting updates for TechCrunch. Follow Sarah on Twitter at @sarahlane
Executive Producer, Booker: Roger Chang – Roger was the Senior Producer and On-Air talent on The Screen Savers and Call For Help at TechTV. He later moved on to Discovery Digital Networks where he was the showrunner for Tekzilla, HD Nation, and We Come From the Future. You can follow Roger on BlueSky jollyroger.bsky.social, Mastodon @jollyroger and Twitter @jollyroger
Producer, Writer, Host: Rich Stroffolino  – Rich Stroffolino is a podcast producer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He helped found Daily Tech Headlines in 2016, and has been one of the regular hosts since 2019.
News Host, Writer, Producer: Jenn Cutter – Jenn is the founder/host of OpenAlpha.tv, a tech/gaming/e-sports writer, and freelance producer. Her work has appeared on various TV outlets including G4, TechTV, CBC, CP24, HowTo Australia, and TVTokyo. You can follow Jenn on Twitter @JennCutter and her work at  jenncutter.com.
Spanish Language Host, Writer, Producer: Dan Campos – Dan is a podcaster, tech enthusiast, post producer and media analyst. Host of NTX and creator/producer of Churros y Palomitas where he likes to talk about film production and storytelling. He likes to run, mostly for fun. You can follow Dan on twitter @dancampos.
Video Producer, Twitch Producer: Joe Koonce – Joe was the Technical Director for The Theatre District in Hollywood California for 15 years. Along with running the lights and sound for 90% of the productions, he also co-designed sets and did all of the lighting designs. He has taken all the skills he has learned and transitioned into video production.
Associate Producer: Anthony Lemos – Anthony “Amos” Lemos is a 24 year USAF veteran who served on three continents as an aircraft mechanic and personnel supervisor. He now spends his retired life pursuing his passions: podcasting, photography, tech, and family.
Social Media Producer and Moderator: Zoe Deterding – Zoe is a tech enthusiast from London, teaching tech skills to seniors since 2008 through a UK charity. Science fiction is also a big part of her (and her family’s) life, attending UK and international conventions since 1983 and helping to promote some of them.
Artist In Residence: Len Peralta – Check out Len’s DTNS artwork at his store , watch him on Twitch, or support his Patreon, where you can check out the DTNS lover level.
Senior Advisor: Jennie Josephson – Jennie  started out in radio at age 4. She later worked in television at CBS News and HDNet.  She joined the internet in 2010, producing award-winning videos for Yahoo Studios, like this mini-documentary which you can watch if you have tissues nearby. She helped Tom launch DTNS in 2014. Follow Jennie on Twitter @jenniej23
Science Correspondent: Dr. Nicole Ackermans – Niki is a researcher in biology who focuses on functional morphology and neuroscience. She has integrated scientific communication into podcasting since being an America’s Next Top Podcaster finalist and interning at DTNS. She is also the host of Stories Your Granny Never Told which you can support on Patreon. You can follow Niki on Twitter @AckermansNicole.

DTNS Contributors

Patrick Beja – Patrick is the host of Le Rendez-vous Tech, the Pixels podcast and The Phileas Club. Follow Patrick on Twitter  @notpatrick. Patrick is an independent podcaster. Check out his Patreon pages for RDV Tech and The Phileas Club
Scott Johnson – Scott is an artist and podcaster and host of multiple hit shows on the Frogpants Network, which he founded. Follow Scott on Twitter @scottjohnson and check out the Frogpants Patreon
Justin Robert Young – Justin is the co-host of Night Attack and Weird Things. Justin also has his own show, Politics Politics Politics. Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinRYoung and check out the Night Attack Patreon. and PX3 Patreon.
Allison Sheridan – Allison is host of the tech podcasts NosillaCast and Chit Chat Across the Pond at podfeet.com. Follow Allison on Twitter at @podfeet and check out the Podfeet Podcasts Patreon
Darren Kitchen – Darren is the founder of hak5.org.
Lamarr Wilson – Lamarr is a host and showcaser of “cool stuff” on his self-named YouTube channel Follow Lamarr on Twitter @LamarrWilson
Robb Dunewood – Robb is co-host of the technology podcast SMRpodcast and The Tech Jawn. Follow Robb on Twitter @RobbDunewood.
Shannon Morse – Shannon hosts and produces Morse Code and ThreatWire. Follow Shannon on Twitter @Snubs.
Patrick Norton – Patrick is a long time tech journalist and former host of TechTV’s The Screen Savers and Discovery Digital’s Tekzilla and HD Nation. He now hosts the home theater podcast AVExcel alongside HDTV guru Robert Heron. You can follow Patrick on Twitter @patricknorton.
Chris Ashley – Chris is co-host of the technology podcast SMRpodcast. Follow Chris on Twitter @BigChrisAshley.
Terrance Gaines – Terrance AKA, BrothaTech is a Senior Systems Administrator, Apple Certified Support Professional and tech content creator. He’s a co-host on The Tech Jawn podcast and the SnobOS Podcast. You can follow Terrance on Twitter @BrothaTech and Instagram.
Stephanie Humphrey – Stephanie is a former engineer-turned-tech journalist, media personality, and author whose mission in life is to show people how technology makes their lives easier. She’s a co-host on The Tech Jawn podcast and you can follow her on all social media @TechLifeSteph
Nica Montford – Nica Montford, the Tech Savvy Diva, is a Senior AI/ML Engineer, Data Expert, and technology creator who loves all things that sparkle. She strives to help people think outside of the box on all things tech and the people who create it. She is the co-host of the snobOS Podcast and can be found on all social media @techsavvydiva.
Tim Stevens Tim Stevens – Tim Stevens is a veteran editor, analyst, and expert in the tech and automotive industries. He helmed CNET’s automotive coverage for nine years and acted as Vice President of Content. Prior to that, Tim served as Editor-in-Chief at Engadget and even led a previous life as an Enterprise Software Architect. Follow Tim on Twitter at @tim_stevens.
Nicole Lee Nicole Lee – Nicole Lee is a journalist with almost two decades of experience covering the tech industry. She has covered everything from consumer electronics to social media and internet culture. Her work has appeared in publications such as CNET, Wired and Engadget. You can find more of her over on the links on her Linktree
Megan Morrone Megan Morrone – Megan Morrone is a freelance journalist, writer, editor and podcaster with previous roles at Protocol, Medium, TWiT, Microsoft and TechTV. Follow her everywhere @meganmorrone.
Iyaz Akhtar Iyaz Akhtar – Iyaz Akhtar works tenaciously to make technology work for him so he can live a life of leisure. He’s been in the tech sector as a writer, editor, producer, and presenter since 2006. You can follow Iyaz at @thisoldnerdshow.
Huyen Tue Dao – Huyen Tue Dao is a software engineer with over 12 years of experience developing Android. She is also a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin who has give dozens of technical talks, created hundreds of hours of technical content for Android and Kotlin developers, and even hosted shows for Jetbrains and Google. Follow Huyen @queencodemonkey
Ron Richards – Ron Richards is a marketing and product expert and prolific podcaster. Co-founder of iFanboy, one of the longest running comic book podcasts since 2005, as well as hosted/produced Goodfellas Minute, All About Android, Damn Fine Podcast and more. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Scorbit which connects pinball machines to the internet for hours of fun and amusement. You can follow Ron @ronxo

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