We’re always thankful when smart people share their area of expertise with us and the audience!

Each submission will be reviewed. Depending on how many others we get that day and what they’re about and how well they’re done they may make it on the show. Text and shorter audio may go in the show where Tom and his guest can comment. Longer form commentary will most often go in the highlighted portion after the show.

Here’s how to send us stuff:

The best way to get us a written report is to send us email

You can record your MP3 and send it to us, or upload it to a service like Soundcloud or and send us the link. Our email address is

You can also call our voicemail number and leave a message 512-593-2459.

Please read the guidelines on submitting audio!

We’re not really set up to play video yet. When we do we’ll tell you how to best submit it!

I’m not sure what we’d do with it, but our mailing address is

Subrilliant LLC
11870 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 106551
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Comments on vinyl record? Cassette tape? 8 Track?

Helpful tips for DTNS Audio submissions

Recorded Patreon intros: One fun thought, then end with call to action

Duration: 10 seconds or less.

Great words to use: participate, contribute, be part of

Presentation: Speak close to the mic and try to avoid popping your ‘Ps’

Try to avoid: Super loud or sharp noises, copyrighted sounds like music or movie clips, things that might be unintentionally offensive to others.

Tech specs: Mono, Variable Bit Rate, 44.1 khz 32 bit mp3


Voicemails or sound files meant to be played in the show: A compact expression of one point that hasn’t been voiced on the show already is really helpful to us and increases odds that the clip will air.

It’s ok to write these out ahead of time and then read it when you record.

Duration: 30 seconds or less.

Presentation: Speak close to the mic/phone and try to avoid popping your ‘Ps’

Try to avoid: Super loud or sharp noises, copyrighted sounds like music or movie clips, things that might be unintentionally offensive to others.

Tech specs: Mono, Variable Bit Rate, 44.1 khz 32 bit mp3


Post-show segments: Reporting on one specific item of interest is awesome. General thoughts are probably more for voicemail segments. It’s ok to write these out ahead of time and then read it when you record. Double checking facts is a huge bonus, as is a line or two in the email w/ source of any major or controversial fact.

Music: We prefer you don’t use music. Royalty free if compelled, but no more than a 5 second intro.

Presentation: Speak close to the mic and try to avoid popping your ‘Ps’

Duration: No more than one minute long.

Try to avoid: Super loud or sharp noises, copyrighted sounds like music or movie clips, things that might be unintentionally offensive to others.

Tech specs: Mono, Variable Bit Rate, 44.1 khz 32 bit mp3

34 thoughts on “SEND US STUFF

  1. As a heads up, the search feature in the iPhone Downcast app seems to find an out-of-date feed for DTNS. The only way I could subscribe was to manually add the feed.

    Glad to get my daily Tom Merritt fix again. Mike Elgan is nice but Tom is far better!

    1. I use Downcast on IOS 8 for several daily podcasts. For the last 2-3 weeks DTNS is the only download on WiFi that seems to be very slow and sometimes just stops. It works fine on the Verizon data but not very well on WiFi. Everything else works fine on WiFi. It also had this problem in IOS 7 before I upgraded. I’ve reset the phone and network settings. Anyone else have this problem. I love the show but it’s a hassle to download the podcasts.

  2. Hey Tom, great show. Just wondering if you know if anyone else is having trouble with the Downcast podcast app with regards to your show. On several occasions now I loose the last “minutes” of the show ie it stops early. I download 20 + Pods with the app and your show is the only one I have an issue with. Neil (Liverpool)

  3. Ni Neil,

    I use the downcast app myself and haven’t noticed this but I’ll keep an eye on it. Ther have been two occasions where I uploaded a truncated version of the MP3 by mistake and then yesterday, somehow the MP3 metadata got corrupted. Some players handled it better than others. That has been fixed as well. Sorry for the issues.


  4. Hello Tom,

    Long time fan of your shows. Quick note to request and report the stream does not work using BeyondPod on Android. This pod-casting app is Chromecast enabled and allows me to subscribe to your video feed. Might be the video encoding. Is it Flash?

    Anyway, that app is a great way for you to get your show on the “Big Screen.”

    Cheers, and best wishes!


    1. Hi there. As I mention on the subscribe page the video feed is unofficial and fan run. I’ll pass along the issue to the guys who do it though. I’m only focusing on making the audio feed right now and video is sort of a happy byproduct.

    2. Hi gReen_Lloyd. I maintain the unofficial feed. Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I made a few tweaks to the feed. Hopefully, it would work better with BeyondPod. Please report back. Thanks!

      1. See Lloyd? Shawn is actually BETTER than I would be as he hopped on this before I could even pass it along. Thanks Shawn!!

      2. Shawn, I tried it again and error says “The feed URL does not appear to be a valid RSS or Atom feed.”

        Thanks for checking!

    1. I used the feed exported from my subscription to the video within Pocket Casts. Funny, all of the sudden (Yesterday) the video feed did not appear as an option within Beyondpod. Only the audio is available to subscribe in the search to add.

      Thank you in advance!

      1. Sweet! Your BeyondPod instructions/setup feed works. Now I can watch “Real” tech news on my big screen in HD through Chromecast.

        Used to fall asleep with some other wannabe’s new show (monotone regurgitation of stories). Oh man, I promised myself I would not put anyone else down. Sorry….

      2. Awesome!! So happy that you can now enjoy the show when you want , the way you want. This sounds like Tom’s Cordkillers show. 🙂 Enjoy!!

  5. Just wanted to say I think it is as much about the personality (on camera) as it is the content, and that some people, who have made a career from their personality, have lost sight of that. Great to find find you back online. It is always refreshing to listen to your podcast no matter what the content. Keep up the good work!! And good luck.


  6. I listened to Tech News Today for years and when Tom left it was never the same. Super excited that I just found your new podcast.
    Thanks for all the hard work Tom!
    Thanks, Brook

  7. I love this show it is so great. The other show that you were previously involved in has really gone done hill since you and your circle left, so happy this is here to fill the gap that left for me.

  8. Hi Tom
    Great show, I love your ‘international-ness flavour of the discussions’
    Big treat to have two aussie guests on in a row.

  9. Hi Tom,
    Great show. Recently you mentioned Amazon Prime Music, sounds like a good addition to the Amazon Prime package.

    So thought I would check it out, unfortunately it appears it is not available in the UK yet and no date as to when or if it will be available.


  10. I’ve been loving the show. Here’s a request for a video version that’s a little more compressed and does not include the non-show portion at the end. I really look forward to the video, but I’m limited to the audio version because of speed and bandwidth constraints. Still, Tom has the best tech show out there now. I’m glad to be a Patreon supporter. Keep it going.


  11. Hi Tom and Jennie,
    Heard about this website ( on another podcast with Steve Gibson and Father Ballecer. Shows an almost realtime graphic of cyber attacks across the world. Company called Norse has honeypots on the darknet.

    Visually for me it is mesmerising. Very Cool.

    Love the show.

  12. A very well formulated show to keep us updated. Definitely would helping you promote, as its very educating. Also would be nice if you can have a weekly episode on software development like OJT, eclipse, App Development, etc.

  13. Thursday you had a news item on another Comcast customer service fiasco. This reminded me of an apartment fire Oct 1st in Nashville TN. Several families were displaced. When they called Comcast to cancel their cable the rep told them they would have to pay for the equipment. If they did not pay within 30 days it would go on their credit record. When the media got involved Comcast quickly said that was a misunderstanding on the part of a new customer service worker and no one would have to pay. Typical Comcast. Here is a link to the story–277815351.html?lc=Smart Thanks for a great show.

  14. Hi Tom,
    Just FYI video version of the podcast “DTNS 2441 – Pebble Steeling Time (or How I Learned to Spock 5’s)
    ” is broken / damaged via and via any Feedproxy starting from ~ 40:54 till the end of the episode.

    Feed Link for podcast apps:

    Link to

    YouTube version of the same episode is ok.

    Love your show It’s one stop for tech news..
    Thank you Tom for your hard work and thank DTNS community.

  15. This is an example of a consequence that is ignored or quickly dismissed by drones enthusiasts pushing the FAA to rush rules for allowing more drones. While the early enthusiasts might be involved and know all the rules, most new users will not be as responsible. The vast majority that will take this up as prices drop will be ‘knuckleheads’ (and this is a legal term now, see the recent 9th circuit ruling regarding a man who pointed a laser at a plane) who will not know the rules or care. Their first thought will be, “Won’t it be cool if I could get a aerial video of the forest fire.”

  16. Tom I am watching the movie Elsa & Fred on Netflix – I was so thrilled to see you on Fred’s TV! My head was turned at the time and I heard your voice and for a split second I thought I had acidently turned on DTNS!

  17. Hey Tom, I want to thank whoever picked their local library for access to as I’ve just discovered my local library here in Adelaide, Australia offers access to all members too!

  18. After listening to your podcast on robots and automation taking our jobs I heard my wife has been looking funny at the robot at her work. Do I need to worry?

  19. Hey Tom,
    Just bought Pilot X on Audible
    can’t wait to listen to it I really enjoy DTNS, Cord Killers, and Sword And Laser, have been a avid content consumer of yours since the CNET days and when you were on TWIT. I am constantly in the kitchen cooking and I love watching and learning while I make meals for my wife and I. This is my way of supporting you hope it’s enough. Please keep it going.

    P.E. Silva

  20. A little behind on podcasts.
    Made my wife happy to hear Sarah was having issues with setting up her iPhone like she was.
    To make Sarah happy – the Verizon rep called it an ex and when I had to call Apple to fix things while getting Apple care plus the lady on the phone called it an ex .

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