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130 thoughts on “SUPPORT

  1. What the… “My Dad wrote a porno?”

    I listen to DTH every morning on the way to school with my daughter – because you always have great info and I like to make sure she’s exposed to tech..

    This morning I had to convince her that “Porno” wasn’t a word she should use.. who made that decision?? have to remove you from the morning rotation now. 🙁

    1. Hi Eric,

      Ads in DTH are not chosen by us on purpose in order to make sure there’s no influence on our content. We do block ads on content type but since that title is for a podcast not actual pornographic service or content it’s not blocked. I understand your dilemma and respect your decision to drop the show. We’ll figure out if there’s a way to stop that sort of thing from happening either way.


      1. Definitely not dropping the show, just not in the “on the way to school” morning rotation anymore. 🙂 Too much really good, easily digestible information. Keep up the great work!

      2. Hey Eric, I passed along your and one other remark about this ad to Acast and they got back to me promptly. Here’s what they said.

        “We’ve removed that ad from both DTNS and DTH. That wasn’t actually in the “sexual” category since it was advertising a comedy podcast and wasn’t deemed to have anything overtly sexual in the copy. We’ll take more care in applying that category and determining when it might be applicable, and we’ll put that category on your block list.”

  2. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SHOW ON AMAZON ECHO. We’ve been getting the 10/07/2019 all week long instead of the updated reports. This doesn’t happen often but is very annoying when it does.

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