DTNS Pets Page is a showcase to the furry and feathered companions that inspire and sometimes annoy the DTNS team. Because behind every great team are the team members pets.

Sawyer the Dog – Director of the forthcoming film “Chew Hard.” Looking for funding. House sitting with Rey at Tom’s place.
Otis – Otis the Boxer/Great Pyrenees is 90 lbs of pure cuteness and helps Sarah finish her Wordles every day. People think he’s intimidating which is hilarious because he’s scared of everything.
Ralphie – Ralphie the polydactyl kitty doesn’t do much except sleep and eat, but he loves Otis, and probably Sarah too.

Tesla – Allison Sherdian’s derpy dog who licks soap.
Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper – Allison wants them to either cuddle or fight.
O’Siris Ashley – Plays “King of the Fetch” with Chris Ashley.
Gummi – Gummi likes to chitter at pigeons while Nicole Ackermans records her podcasts and to go for (leashed) walks in the park.
Sookie – Sookie lives with Shannon Morse and loves to eat snow.
Luna – Luna enjoys terrorizing Sookie!
Starbuck – Starbuck stays above the Sookie/Luna fray and spends her days being a loaf around Shannon’s house.
Riley – Most days he can be found sunbathing on the patio. When not doing that, he loves cuddling with Nica Montford, ripping the stuffing from his toys & searching for treats.
Snoopy – According to Len, Snoopy enjoys passing intestinal gas and watching Len and his family consume donuts.
Kallie – For 11 years Kallie patiently waited for Jenn to come home from hockey and chilled on the couch with her as she played every video game ever.
Bear – Bear lives with Joe and Alice and rules the house!  He may be blind and slowing down, but he can hear a Salami wrapper from any room in the house.