DTNS Pets Page is a showcase to the furry and feathered companions that inspire and sometimes annoy the DTNS team. Because behind every great team are the team members pets.

Rey Rivera-Merritt – Lives with Tom and considers herself an associate producer of DTNS
Sawyer the Dog – Director of the forthcoming film “Chew Hard.” Looking for funding. House sitting with Rey at Tom’s place.
Otis – Otis the Boxer/Great Pyrenees is 90 lbs of pure cuteness and helps Sarah finish her Wordles every day. People think he’s intimidating which is hilarious because he’s scared of everything.
Ralphie – Ralphie the polydactyl kitty doesn’t do much except sleep and eat, but he loves Otis, and probably Sarah too.

Tesla – Allison Sherdian’s derpy dog who licks soap.
Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper – Allison wants them to either cuddle or fight.
O’Siris Ashley – Plays “King of the Fetch” with Chris Ashley.
Gummi – Gummi likes to chitter at pigeons while Nicole Ackermans records her podcasts and to go for (leashed) walks in the park.
Sookie – Sookie lives with Shannon Morse and loves to eat snow.
Luna – Luna enjoys terrorizing Sookie!
Starbuck – Starbuck stays above the Sookie/Luna fray and spends her days being a loaf around Shannon’s house.
Riley – Most days he can be found sunbathing on the patio. When not doing that, he loves cuddling with Nica Montford, ripping the stuffing from his toys & searching for treats.
Snoopy – According to Len, Snoopy enjoys passing intestinal gas and watching Len and his family consume donuts.
Kallie – For 11 years Kallie patiently waited for Jenn to come home from hockey and chilled on the couch with her as she played every video game ever.
Bear – Bear lives with Joe and Alice and rules the house!  He may be blind and slowing down, but he can hear a Salami wrapper from any room in the house.

Kai – Kai, a nearly blonde German Shepard Dog, loves the Alaskan winters for all the snow. In the summer he enjoys taking Amos for long walks and playing catch the woods near his house.
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