What the Audience Says

“DTNS helps me stay acquainted with trends within technology which I need as a project manager within an IT organization. We’re going through a lot of changes within my group now and I feel I’m a bit more on the ball then others because of listening to DTNS.” – Norm Fazekas

“Hey Tom, just a quick thank you for all the great work you do with the show. I’ve just picked up a client to deliver some digital work in Australia. The feedback from our prosposal was that we were 30% more expensive than anyone else who tendered but they wanted to work with us. I honestly think it was some of the conversations we had around self driving cars and what [they] are doing in the states, which are insights I’ve gained from listening to the show. Keep up the great work.” – Sam Stevens

“…discussion and analysis of tech news in an entertaining and balanced way that is easy to understand.” – Alan Char

“It’s better than a baby screaming in your ear.” – Andrew

“You make my commute from New Jersey to New York more pleasant in this dreary winter weather.” – RL

“🤓 Love the show. You make me think and keep me in the know each day.” – @rwentechaney

“If you’re looking to make sense of the top tech stories of the day, Daily Tech News Show is the gold standard.” – Fast Company

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