DTH – Sunday History Break

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One thought on “DTH – Sunday History Break

  1. Hello Tom,
    I was very interested in your show with the gentleman in Thailand. I started visiting Thailand in 1968. When I retired, l left Cupertino CA behind and moved to Thailand in 2009. I find myself disagreeing with the Thai gentleman on several aspects.
    Probably the largest on-line shopping web site here is Lazada.com. It has a shopping cart. They offer many ways to pay including PayPal, credit card, cash on delivery, pay at the Post office, and pay at 7-11 stores.
    My Thai wife uses Line to communicate with her family members in a different city, and it works quite well. She also uses Firefox to read the news, and check out search results. Various members of her family living ‘up country’ also use Firefox extensively.
    Locally produced products are generally very low quality and very poorly designed and manufactured. This is as expected when the average employee earns $8.5 a day. On the other hand, many international companies have factories here, Nikon, Triumph, BMW, etc. and those employees are much better paid.
    Education is not cheap for those families living outside of Bangkok, and completing high school is a big burden for most families.

    I could go on and on about the failings of Thailand, however I will close by saying that I love this country. The people are the warmest and most loving I have ever met, and I have been all over Asia and Europe. My decision to retire here was no doubt the best decision I could have made.
    BTW! I have been listening to your podcasts for many years, dating back to the CNET days. Your efforts are well appreciated and I thank you and your team.
    Chokdee (good luck in Thai)

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