DTNS 3093 – Let’s Talk About Sex

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comHealing with nanochips, Amazon pursuing meals that last on the shelf without refrigeration for a year. And Dr. Kiki gives us the science on STEM and gender difference.
With Tom Merritt, Roger Chang, Len Peralta and Dr. Kiki.


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4 thoughts on “DTNS 3093 – Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. The recent show in which you gave Dr. Kiki a stage to espouse her gender-neutrality dogma was terribly one-sided.

    I have enjoyed watching your shows since Buzz Out Loud. I have been a patron since you started on Patreon – albeit, only $1 a month. Until now, I admired your ability to report the news impartially.

    That changed with Dr. Kiki’s show last week. Your show was a tirade of gender-neutral dogma.

    Contrary to your statements, the “plain science” Dr. Kiki delivered was clearly focused on discrediting the writer of that memo. She wrapped herself in the cloak of “science,” then stooped to cheap debate tactics to misrepresent the gist of the memo.

    I was surprised you allowed that – even helping help her deliver this “newspeak” to your listeners – never once giving voice to the main opinions in the memo.

    The Google memo said that men and women are different. Setting quotas to somehow defeat those differences is a mistake. That was the main point.

    At a minimum, it presents a substantive point of view. It is not absurd or ignorant to say those things. Yet, you treated it as if it were unworthy of further comment.

    1. As we stated on the show, our purpose was to address the science to allow you to evaluate the memo, or anything else for that matter, yourself. I don’t feel the content Dr. Kiki presented was incorrect and it is well cited. Some of it can be used to support statements from the memo.

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