Tinkers Gonna Tinker – DTNS 4484

Modular laptop maker Framework is bringing an expansion featuring PCI-Express interface for the module for a GPU or dual SSDs. OpenAI has launched an alpha for plugins for ChatGPT allowing developers to expand the chatbot’s training data by allowing it access to third-party sources, including the web. And would you let a Anime woman inContinue reading “Tinkers Gonna Tinker – DTNS 4484”

Uncomplicate Cancellation – DTNS 4483

The Game Developers Conference is happening all this week. Trisha Hershberger is here with the biggest announcement from the event. Plus a spate of YouTubers have had their accounts hacked and taken over by third party actors. Is there something more that Google could do to enhance YouTube account security? And the US Federal TradeContinue reading “Uncomplicate Cancellation – DTNS 4483”

Video Games That Write Themselves – DTNS 4482

TikTok’s CEO, Shou Chew, will appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Thursday to answer questions regarding the service’s data security. What can we expect to hear about from Chew? Plus Ubisoft announced it’s using a tool called Ghostwriter to help its developers write game dialogue. Starring Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Joe,Continue reading “Video Games That Write Themselves – DTNS 4482”

Amazon Shutters DP Reviews – DTNS 4481

Amazon is shuttering DPReview.com. A premiere site for digital camera reviews for over twenty years. What does it say about the digital camera market? Plus Oppo announced its new flagship phone, the Find X6 Pro. And Microsoft announced it began rolling out its Bing Image Creator to Bing preview testers. Starring Sarah Lane, Terrance Gaines,Continue reading “Amazon Shutters DP Reviews – DTNS 4481”

Qualcomm Beat Apple to the Automotive Punch – DTNS 4480

Will Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis dominate the core component that makes up a connected EV’s digital system? A New York Federal court will hear arguments in a lawsuit over the Archive.org’s Open Library program and copyright holders of material used in the program. Will the judgment impact other digital libraries in the future? And NetflixContinue reading “Qualcomm Beat Apple to the Automotive Punch – DTNS 4480”

Micron Managing – DTNS 4479

The US Federal Communications Commission finalized new rules that will reduce spam calls. The Metaverse may be getting a Second Life. And relieving the chip shortage will take more than just the US Congress providing monetary incentives to establish manufacturing in the country. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Robb Dunewood, Len Peralta, Joe, Amos. MP3Continue reading “Micron Managing – DTNS 4479”

Clippy Suddenly Got WAAAAAY Smarter – DTNS 4478

OpenAI isn’t as capable as you may have feared but is probably smarter than you’re comfortable with. TikTok’s uphill battle against US regulators just got a little steeper with other countries sharing similar concerns and restrictions. And Microsoft outlined its use case for AI in Office during its Reinventing Productivity event. MP3 Download Using aContinue reading “Clippy Suddenly Got WAAAAAY Smarter – DTNS 4478”

Bally’s Bankruptcy Banishes Blackouts? – DTNS 4477

OpenAI’s announcement of GPT-4 model has created a stir as company’s announce their integration of the AI tool into their services. Drone delivery service Zipline unveiled its latest delivery platform that’s faster and more precise. Bally Sports net TV channels filed for bankruptcy Tuesday. How will this impact the OTT sports viewing? Starring Tom Merritt,Continue reading “Bally’s Bankruptcy Banishes Blackouts? – DTNS 4477”

GPT4 – What’s Better? – DTNS 4476

Disney is asking a federal court to issue Digital Millennium Copyright Act subpoenas to Reddit and Google in order to identify the individuals responsible for leaking dialogue from the “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” before the movie’s release. Google announces more AI features in Docs and Gmail, and launched API access for its Large LanguageContinue reading “GPT4 – What’s Better? – DTNS 4476”