New CEO! Same as the Old CEO – DTNS 4651

Sam Altman is returning as OpenAI CEO. We explained what happened. And Spotify announced three major changes to how it pays royalties to musicians. Plus we explain everything you need to know about “The Strange $55 Million Saga of a Netflix Series You’ll Never See.” Labels will be charged a fee when “flagrant” streaming fraudContinue reading “New CEO! Same as the Old CEO – DTNS 4651”

Best Home Theater Gift Ideas – DTNS 4650

Home Theater expert Robert Heron is here with the perfect home theater gift buying recommendations in time for the holiday season. Plus Nothing Chats and Sunbird the app developers that boasted they could access the iMessage protocol to give Android users blue bubbles has had its message app pulled from the Google Play store. AndContinue reading “Best Home Theater Gift Ideas – DTNS 4650”

Game of OpenAI Thrones – DTNS 4649

GM’s robotaxi startup Cruise co-founder and CEO Kyle Vogt announced his resignation. And We go into the details behind OpenAI’s board firing of CEO Sam Altman. Starring Tom Merritt, Nica Montford, Roger Chang, Joe. MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader? Click here Download the (VIDEO VERSION), here. Follow us on Twitter Instgram YouTube and TwitchContinue reading “Game of OpenAI Thrones – DTNS 4649”

Wait, It Has a Pretend Transmission? – DTNS 4648

EV’s might be the future of personal automobiles but Toyota thinks that some drivers might still want an old-fashioned stick shift. Cleaning up car based pollution isn’t just about EVs. You also need to address the environmental impact of tires. Tim Stevens explains. And why are Amazon and Hyundai teaming up to sell cars online?Continue reading “Wait, It Has a Pretend Transmission? – DTNS 4648”

Clippy is My Copilot – DTNS 4646

We go over all the big announcements from this year’s Microsoft Ignite event. Plus a study in the Psychological Science Monday explores how convincing generated images were especially ones of white individuals. And a study in Science showed that an AI meteorology model from Google DeepMind called GraphCasts made better forecasts using traditional models. StarringContinue reading “Clippy is My Copilot – DTNS 4646”

Do Teenagers Dream of Android Sheep? – DTNS 4645

Why are iPhones overrepresented in smartphone ownership by teens? Android Police’s Will Sattelberg is here to explain. Plus YouTube rolled out new policies regarding generative AI videos. And users of the Nothing Phone 2 Android phone will get access to Apple iMessage in North America and Europe starting this month. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane,Continue reading “Do Teenagers Dream of Android Sheep? – DTNS 4645”

Apps for Noteworthy Events – DTNS 4644

We go over the latest Apple prognostications from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and analyst Ming-chi Kuo about what the company has in store. Plus we analyze the latest reviews of Sony’s just released Portal handheld gaming device for the PS5. And Allison Sheridan shares her research into what the best note taking app is on theContinue reading “Apps for Noteworthy Events – DTNS 4644”

A GTA 6 Announcement Announcement – DTNS 4642

We take a close look at what was revealed on the first day of the Google vs Epic Games trial. And Nintendo announces it will partner with Sony to develop a “Legend of Zelda” movie. Plus Rockstar Games confirmed Wednesday that it will begin “promoting” Grand Theft Auto IV next month. Starring Sarah Lane, ScottContinue reading “A GTA 6 Announcement Announcement – DTNS 4642”