AI Sentient Fear is All in Your Head – DTNS 4507

We further explore the fear people have over generative AI tools by taking a look at what AI firms are doing to stoke those fears. While Netflix saw growth in its North American subscriptions for its service the number abroad has dropped. Is it temporary or signs of a more concerning problem? And Microsoft stillContinue reading “AI Sentient Fear is All in Your Head – DTNS 4507”

Lucky is Bad Security Advice – DTNS 4504

Humane, a startup founded by two ex-Apple employees, demoed a wearable personal assistant device that doesn’t need to pair with a smartphone. Proton, the Swiss company that created a secure private mail service called Proton Mail has announced a beta of password managers service called Proton Pass. And how are the costs of generative AIContinue reading “Lucky is Bad Security Advice – DTNS 4504”

Deep Mind Now Has Brains! – DTNS 4503

We have an excerpt from “A Word with Tom Merritt” where Tom talks with cyber-ethnography researcher and writer, Ruby Justice Thélot, about how people evaluate the veracity or truthfulness of information they find on the internet. And we share internal misgivings from inside Google about the issues with its ChatGPT competitor Bard and its notContinue reading “Deep Mind Now Has Brains! – DTNS 4503”

Call Of AI: Garden Warfare – DTNS 4502

Canadian startup Precision AI has developed an AI crop-spraying drone that can reduce herbicide use by up to 90%. And we look at the big stories coming out of Netflix’s earnings report Tuesday including subscriber growth, password sharing crackdown, and technical issues that stopped the live streaming of Love Is Blind. Starring Tom Merritt, SarahContinue reading “Call Of AI: Garden Warfare – DTNS 4502”

There’s No Place Like Mastodon – DTNS 4501

How does the decentralized nature of Mastodon make the social media experience different from other social media platforms and what kind of expectations should people have? Amazon Prime Video now has a “Dialogue Boost” in select shows in English. And Nvidia is reaping the rewards of its push towards AI GPGPU designs. Is this aContinue reading “There’s No Place Like Mastodon – DTNS 4501”

Is Google in Panic Mode? – DTNS 4500

Netflix delayed then canned its live stream for the cast reunion of Love is Blind after running into technical faults. Does this bold ill for Netflix live streaming plans? The New York Times’ reports sources say that Samsung began considering replacing its default Galaxy phone and tablet search engine with Bing back in March. IsContinue reading “Is Google in Panic Mode? – DTNS 4500”

BeReal More Like BeInteresting – DTNS 4499

Conversations around ChatGPT always seem to involve job loss. But Jeff Dwoskin proves that’s always true as he shares how he uses the AI tool to simplify his podcast production process. We examine the state of social media platform BeReal. And Spotify is closing down its Wordle like game Heardle. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane,Continue reading “BeReal More Like BeInteresting – DTNS 4499”

PC Part Prices and 4K Gaming – DTNS 4498

Is Nvidia’s RTX 4070 worth buying? The latest news on Windows 11 including possible integration with Hololens 2. And Amazon Web Services announced new services targeted at corporate customers wanting to run their own generative AI models. Starring Rich Stroffolino, Patrick Norton, Roger Chang, Joe, Amos MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader? Click here MultipleContinue reading “PC Part Prices and 4K Gaming – DTNS 4498”