Amazon is the new Sears- DTNS 4098

Intel reveals its new Alder Cove hybrid processor design for desktop, mobile and ultra-mobile applications. Nvidia has its earnings call and gives updates about its acquisition of ARM. And the FTC has amended its complaint over Facebook, a new antitrust complaint. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang, Amos, Joe MP3 DownloadContinue reading “Amazon is the new Sears- DTNS 4098”

A Black Eye for Blackberry – DTNS 4097

China renews pressure on Tencent and the country’s tech giants, Blackberry discovers a vulnerability in its QNX operating system and Windows 11 is changing the way users pick a default browser. Starring Tom Merritt, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Amos, Joe MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Archive.orgContinue reading “A Black Eye for Blackberry – DTNS 4097”

Liquid Chameleon Display – DTNS 4095

Scientists in South Korea have published an article in the journal Nature Communications about a robot they created that can change its skin color like a chameleon. Would you eat cheese made from the byproducts of fungi? And Intel announced an upcoming high-performance discrete GPU line called Arc. Starring Tom Merritt, Rich Stroffolino, Blair Bazdarich,Continue reading “Liquid Chameleon Display – DTNS 4095”

Virtual CEO’s Can Do Virtual Presentations – DTNS 4093

Three US senators have sponsored a bipartisan bill called the Open Markets Act that would impose new rules on app stores including prohibiting them from requiring developers to use its in-app payment system and setting different prices on different stores. Nvidia revealed Wednesday that a press announcement for its Omniverse system delivered earlier this yearContinue reading “Virtual CEO’s Can Do Virtual Presentations – DTNS 4093”

Culturally Emoji – DTNS 4091

We check out the latest Apple rumors from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Amazon says it will now compensate customers for defective products sold on its marketplace, and HP rolls out new ChromeOS products. Starring Tom Merritt, Allison Sheridan, Roger Chang, Amos, Joe MP3 Download Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) fromContinue reading “Culturally Emoji – DTNS 4091”

Excellent Bribe. I Give It ★★★★☆ – DTNS 4090

The Wall Street Journal has a story on how brands on Amazon go to extreme lengths to stop bad reviews of their products, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman argues that, in the current streaming landscape, that the Apple TV is a pointless products, and Facebook unveils its “Transfer Your Information” tool that allows users to export selectedContinue reading “Excellent Bribe. I Give It ★★★★☆ – DTNS 4090”

End to End Encrypted-ish – DTNS 4089

We examine Apple’s Expanded Protections for Children where the company performs an on-device scan of devices looking for child abuse material. China continues its crackdown on tech companies and how Wi-Fi software company Plume is making a pivot towards becoming a data business. Starring Tom Merritt, Patrick Norton, Roger Chang, Amos, joe MP3 Download UsingContinue reading “End to End Encrypted-ish – DTNS 4089”