Daily Tech Headlines – October 3, 2017

DTH_CoverArt_1500x1500Revelations from Uber v Waymo, Google lets anyone upload images to Street View and Messenger Lite launches in more countries.



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One thought on “Daily Tech Headlines – October 3, 2017

  1. Hey Gang!! In response to legacy technologies and practices in the work place and balancing or attracting talent with new ideas. These companies probably would like to implement new technologies and practices. However these companies especially eCommerce companies keep legacy practices and technologies going instead of implementing new ideas because they are risk adverse. They stick with what works and what they know and try to adapt on the fly and utilize A/B testing to seek what works or doesn’t. Implementing new practices costs time and mainly money a company, especially an eCommerce company that may be operating on thin margins, may not have. This is a problem when trying to attract new talent. They are promised to be able to do new things but when it comes down to it those ideas are push aside unless the employee can prove it works. Even then it still may not be implemented due to legacy issues. As a result the employee may leave. When it comes to legacy issues and practices it seems to be larger issue than we realize. Its not that companies don’t want to use new tech, companies will go with an stay with what is proven that has made them money until the market forces them to change.

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