Daily Tech Headlines – October 6, 2017

DTH_CoverArt_1500x1500Uber’s app can record your screen, Mattel kills Aristotle, and Airbnb partners with WeWork.



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One thought on “Daily Tech Headlines – October 6, 2017

  1. Hello Today’s DTNS hosts,

    Long time listener, first time caller :o)

    So I have a crazy question and idea that I wanted to share, mostly because I can’t get it off my mind and this seemed like a natural outlet. It came to me from a few places; I recently read the New York Times Op-Ed/lecture called “the dying art of disagreement” and listened to another podcast “conversations with people who hate me” and have been hearing all the hysteria about fake news/fake facts.

    So all that to say, I think that I have an idea that could help to fix the internet. What do you think about a one-on-one internet debate platform designed as a feature-of or built as its own stand-alone separate social network? You’d get to it via an app and/or website, the same as all other existing platforms. The debates would be initiated by shared link sent to an individual, by any person requesting a debate(so, basically you’d invite them from a link in a DM on Twitter or wherever). After the debate occurres and closes, it would be viewable and sharable to anywhere that links are shared.

     Ideally, it wouldn’t really matter how serious or trivial the topic being debated but I’m sure there will need to be some off-limits areas, where if it’s a certain topic you can’t get a direct link to share out. But, all debates would be rankable by “the crowd” (maybe from 1-5?) on a varied range of criteria (examples: how good they did generally debating, agreement with them, if they followed the debate rules without cheating somehow or dodging questions and the quality of the facts/evidence presented by both parties would also be rateable/rated).

    Do you like this idea at all?

    Obviously, this is just the raw beginnings of an idea. So if someone wants to make it happen or improve on it, please do(just steal the idea, it’s yours as long as you do something with it), I just want an honorable mention for bringing it up in the first place. I don’t have the skills needed to build it myself anyways.

    I just can’t get this idea off my mind, there are so many possibilities (maybe it could be the way to bring civility to twitter) . so, I’m hoping it will spread and get stuck in someone else’s mind, that can do something with it.

    I love arguing and I think it’s what the internet was invented for but we just need the means to do it properly :o)

    If sharing this here doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll have to find the time to do a compelling TED talk about it or just give up.

    Anyways, Thanks for your time and please keep making the geat show, I listen everyday.

    Your patron,

    P.S Congratulations to Nate on tieing the knot.

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