Daily Tech Headlines – December 22, 2017

DTH_CoverArt_1500x1500Bitcoin volatility halts trading, Eric Schmidt steps down as Alphabet chairman, Amazon buys Blink.



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One thought on “Daily Tech Headlines – December 22, 2017

  1. Hi Tom and Sarah,
    I was catching up on my DTNS shows as I was a tad behind. In one of the recent episodes you mention internet outages and issues with connectivity. It got me thinking about a ‘This Week In Enterprise Tech’ episode where Fr Ballecer SJ and Brian Chee were discussing how the flooding from Hurricane Harvey would affect the fibre optics at the data centres. The problem being that the flood water could wash away the anti fungal powders/gels in the big pipes, allowing fungus and mould to grow. The fungus roots will slowly grow through the fibre optics destroying it over time. The main problems are; that it is a very slow process, you can’t see if it is happening till something stops working and do you replace what is still working on the chance it will break. Could this be one of the reasons for some of the internet outages? I am no expert in fibre optics or data centres or any of that technology and I don’t live in the US, just surmising between the comments on DTNS and the podcast. There is a 6 min Youtube video snippet of the segment “Harvey’s Effects on Houston Data Centers”.

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