DTH Saturday History Edition

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2 thoughts on “DTH Saturday History Edition

  1. Bug report: DTNS + Amazon Echo Flash Briefing: DTNS doesn’t play or cancels Briefing sequence entirely on mobile!

    DTNS is 3rd in my Flash Briefing (after Weather & Bloomber Firstword). On my Android Alexa app (using mobile data), DTNS fails to load/play 100% of the time effectively canceling the remaining Flash Briefing. (The opportunity to hit “skip” is like trying to hit “F1 to enter BIOS”…)

    On Echo, occasionally(~25%) there’s an extended delay before DTNS loads or fails to play entirely. If I wait long enough but ask Alexa to “skip” before timeout ~30 seconfs she will, or the sequence stops.

    My only guess is if you’re track starts with several seconds of silence, it causes a problem where other tracks play music from T:0:00.00.

    I discovered you through Alexa and really enjoyed the roundtable podcast I listened to. For now I’ll have to live you to the last segment of my Flash Briefing. Hope this report is helpful.

    1. Hi Steven,, thanks for the report. We’re having a hard time replicating the problem, so any more info is helpful such as if it’s always one host that has the issue etc.

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