DTNS Labs – A Smartwatch Made me Healthier

Chuck La Tournous, shares the story with us of how his smartwatch has made him healthier. Once when he had an undiagnosed blood clot problem and more recently with efforts to fight off diabetes and get in better shape.

Chuck is editor and publisher of RandomMaccess.com also writes for Macworld and Fast Company.


2 thoughts on “DTNS Labs – A Smartwatch Made me Healthier

    1. Sorry about that, Adam! There were some brief server issues on RandomMaccess.com but it should be back up now.

      I primarily used The Nokia Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor:

      Nokia bought Withings, which had done some great stuff in the health market. Withings’ co-founder just bought it back, and I’m interested to see what that will bring. (I’m optimistic.)

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