Monthly Tech Views – October 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. As we all enjoy our eighth straight meal consisting exclusively of fun-sized Snickers Bars, how about some fun-sized October tech stories offering the same nutritional and informational value? Democracy Is One Thing… Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar’s Omidyar Group listed six aspects of social media that threaten democracy, including theContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – October 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – Sept 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. September has gone in the blink of an eye, and we find ourselves fully entrenched in autumn, when, as Wordsworth so famously put it: leaves scatter haphazardly on the wind, a flaming dance in the sun, alighting randomly upon the earth to shrivel and perish, much as our creditContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – Sept 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – August 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. Like every month, August had its share of big tech stories. The world of technology makes amazing advances on an almost daily basis. Which makes it all the more surprising that we have not yet figured out a way to completely vanquish Eclipse, the sky monster that repeatedly triesContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – August 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – July 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis.   If you thought the celebratory fireworks ended earlier this month, think again. This July also marks two years of the Tech Views on! (Boom. Crackle.)   Okay, party’s over. On to the shaky analysis…   The Worst Part Is All The Other Robots Calling Him KnightSoak AContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – July 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – June 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. Welcome, and thanks for taking time out from your Independence Day preparations (at least in the U.S.) to read the Monthly Tech Views. Everyone keeps calling this a holiday weekend, but most of us work on Monday, so there’s technically no holiday attached to it. Unless they’re referring toContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – June 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – May 28, 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. As the saying goes, April showers bring May messed up tech stories. Which, on the surface, makes little sense, but if you’d been there in April when I slipped in that puddle and seen just how hard I hit my head, you’d get it.   Yeah, Great, But Let’sContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – May 28, 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – April 29, 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. The Monthly Tech Views is back, just in time to save your sanity. We know that most, if not all of you, are giddy with anticipation for the approaching mother of all four-day weekends with Star Wars marathons on May the Fourth rolling right over into the blissful tacoContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – April 29, 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – April 2, 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. March came in like a Snapchat and went out like an Instagram, which is to say there was no real difference. But in between, the month was filled with plenty of tech stories, each of which you wanted put into context as to how they may affect you. That,Continue reading “Monthly Tech Views – April 2, 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – February 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. We here at the Monthly Tech Views obviously hope you enjoy this issue, but we realize it can’t really compete for attention with all of Hollywood coming together to bestow the industry’s most coveted accolade–Best Anti-Donald Trump Speech.   This Standard Is Doubleplusbigly The FCC will be voting thisContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – February 2017”

Monthly Tech Views – Jan 29, 2017

Real tech stories. Really shaky analysis. Welcome to the first Monthly Tech Views of 2017! This will be very similar to the beloved* Weekly Tech Views, though it will appear, as you calendar aficionados have guessed, approximately 25% as often. I would like to start by addressing the concern I’m sure most of you have–restContinue reading “Monthly Tech Views – Jan 29, 2017”