DTNS 2143 – AT&T Slow Cooks Neutrality

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comTom chats with Jon Brodkin from Ars Technica. They’ll talk a little about CES and a lot about whether AT&T’s new ‘subsidized data’ plans break net neutrality.


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Show Notes

AT&T turns data caps into profits with new fees for content providers: AT&T does not believe it violates the FCC’s Open Internet Order (fewer wireless restrictions, not ‘faster’ service)

Intel announces ‘lots of stuff’ at CES, including the littlest wearable: A headset nicknamed Jarvis that pairs with smartphone personal assistant apps. A onesie that transmits your babies vital signs to a coffee cup. A smart watch that can be geofenced so you know when Grandpa wanders out of the house with it on. Edison a 22-nanometer dual-core PC the size of an SD card. And a dual OS platform that could switch from Windows to Android at the touch of a button.

Sony confirms it plans an Internet TV service that will deliver live TV, video on demand and cloud DVR storage to most Sony devices: The company also will launch “PlayStation Now” in closed beta at the end of January followed by a full launch this summer. The Gaikai-powered service will allow users to stream games from a Playstation to a PS4 or Vita. Sony also showed off the HMZ-T3Q, a head-mounted virtual display similar to the Oculus Rift.

This is how you will look wearing it:

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.31.23 AM


Biz Stone brings the Jelly:  If you’re tired of Yahoo Answers, which seems to actually leave you less helped than when you asked it something, get ready for Jelly. Twitter founder Biz Stone announced the new Q&A service. Unlike Yahoo or even Quora, Jelly uses your existing social networks to find people who might be willing to answer a question. And the Q&A seems more short-form than Quora. You can download the app now for iOS and Android.

News From You:

Michael Bay goes boom at CES:  clemro sent us the link to Michael Bay’s posting about his demo meltdown during the Samsung event at CES. According to Bay, he was so excited by the curved 105-inch 4K TV that he”skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost. Then the prompter went up and down – then I walked off. I guess live shows aren’t my thing.” It happens, man. Go explode something. You’ll feel better.

John Legere ejected from AT&T party: DownClimb submitted the Geekwire report on T-Mobile CEO John Legere getting ejected from the AT&T party at CES. CNET’s Roger Cheng tweeted a picture of himself with Legere from the party and Legere was subsequently escorted out. Legere told Recode he just wanted to hear Macklemore. Go pop some tags John, you’ll feel better.

Wallet of the Future?  robstak let us know about a Verge article that might be of interest to Lamarr Wilson who was asking for just such a thing. PulseWallet is a credit card terminal and register with a built-in biometric palm reader that photographs your vein pattern— which of course you can pair with your credit card. Talk about blood money. The product was announced Tuesday and goes on sale next month.

Do time travelers tweet?  Finally, Alan emailed us a link to an Inside Science posting about astrophysicist and co-founder of the Astronomy Picture of the Day, Robert Nemiroff and graduate student Teresa Wilson of the Michigan Technological University, conducting a search for evidence of time travelers on the Internet. The pair looked for postings or references to Comet ISON or the election of Pope Francis before either time became a known entity. They didn’t find any evidence. Obviously time travelers are very careful.

More links from the show: 

CEO Brian Krzanich announced McAfee Security would from now on be called Intel Security. John McAfee who founded McAfee security but has no connection to it now, told Reuters, “I’ve been begging them to drop the brand or fix the product.”

Reuters reports China has temporarily lifted a 14-year ban on selling video game consoles:


Samsung debuted a 12.2-inch tablet at CES called the Galaxy Note Pro:


Audi debuts an Android tablet just for your Audi:


Tech sales: 2014 projections and 2013 numbers:



10 thoughts on “DTNS 2143 – AT&T Slow Cooks Neutrality

  1. I have been looking for a replacement for the other tech news show and was really stoked to find this today. Keep up the great work Tom. This is going to be very successful.

  2. Tom, I’m glad I found you again. You’ll be happy to know that iPP Podcast Player already has you listed as their 2 tech podcast, and their number 16 podcast overall. I’d say that’s quite a compliment.

    I wanted to post to let you know that I solved the slow cooker riddle. In order to make that remote controlled slow cooker useful you need a web cam pointed at it. Then you can keep tabs on it from work or anyplace hours away, either physically or practically. If it’s simmering too much, turn it down. If it’s smoking, turn it off and hurry home.

    It’s mainly for piece of mind, but also for security and safety.

    Take it a step further, project the web cam image into your new Google Glass so you don’t have to keep checking your phone like some obsessed crazy person, instead you can be secretly obsessed, over food.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. This show was great! Thought-provoking. Interesting take from the Verizon guy saying someone would have to sell spectrum if T-Mobile merged with Sprint. T-Mobile just bought a bunch of spectrum from Verizon, so not sure I trust him as a source. 🙂

    Looking forward to Justin Robert Young tomorrow!

  4. Just a clarification on the PlayStation Now thing – it will stream PlayStation games not only to PlayStation consoles and the Vita, but also to phones, tablets, and TVs.

    Also, I don’t think you mentioned Sony’s related announcement of a video streaming service that will let one “watch what they want, when they want, on whatever device they want.” Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere else before… 😉

    1. Ahh good point about the phones. But I did mention the TV service in the same bit. And we’ll be covering it on Cordkillers Monday as well.

  5. Tom. Strange. For this episode, the embedded player is NOW showing the time while it is being played, whereas the same player in previous episodes did not work correctly. Can’t explain it. Perhaps some differences in HTML codes on your webpage surrounding the embedded player.

  6. You were talking about different form factors for wearables today and it got me thinking about alternatives to watches. What if Samsung were to take its flexable TV technology and apply it to a future version of the Galaxy S line of phones and then the phones could be made to fit into some kind of bracelet type of thing (im thinking the “Wrist Lo Jacklamator” Leela from futurama wears) where the phone could be easily detached from the wristband when needed, the wristband could also house an additional battery or storage or even dozens of other sensors that could free up room in the phone itself. I dont know just a thought, keep up the great work.

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