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Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comMyke Hurley from 5 by 5 joins us to review some of the cooler items from off the beaten path at CES.


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Show Notes

As I mentioned on the show today, next Thursday and Friday I’ll be shooting season 2 of Sword and Laser’s video show. So I need YOU to guest host.

Next Thursday and Friday will be special “News From You” shows. I’ll still pop in with a couple late-breaking headlines but I want to hear YOUR news reports. What’s the tech project you think isn’t getting
enough attention? What’s that point about wearables you think nobody else has mentioned? Let your voice be heard!

Here’s what you do
Record your bit as an audio file LESS THAN 30 SECONDS PEOPLE, and email it to feedback@dailytechnewsshow.com and use the subject line NEWS FOR YOU. If we get it by 3 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific Thursday morning, we’ll consider it for that day’s show. Same thing for Friday.

More Notes

Samsung to announce the Samsung Galaxy S5: Bloomberg reports Samsung’s executive vice president of mobile, Lee Young Hee said the company will announce the Samsung Galaxy in March or April along with the successor to the Galaxy Gear which will have more advanced functions and an improved design. Lee also said the company is investigating iris recognition for the phone and will announce at least one more wearable device this year. Samsung registered a design for eyewear in October.

Gmail to allow users to send messages to Google+ users: The Next Web reports that Google will allow Gmail users to send messages to Google + users, without knowing the email address. The email address behind the G+ account will only become visible to someone who has received a message from that account. Also only one message can be sent to G+ name until that person responds. So if you don’t reply, they won’t know your email, and they won’t be able to email you again. If a sender is in your circle, their message will show up in the primary tab on Gmail, while other messages will go to the Social tab. You can override all this by changing a setting in Gmail to limit who can send you messages to your circles or nobody at all. The feature will roll out to all users over the next couple days.

FCC chairman weights in on AT&T’s sponsored data plan: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is not shy about commenting on AT&T’s sponsored data plan. Yesterday at CES, The Verge reports Wheeler said “Be sure, that if it interferes with the operation of the internet; that if it develops into an anticompetitive practice; that if it does have some kind of preferential treatment given somewhere, then that is cause for us to intervene.” And GigaOm reports that in a speech at the Computer History Museum in San Jose, today, Wheeler said “It is not the sort of thing that should be prohibited out of hand. But, again, history instructs us that not all new proposals have been benign.“

News From You:

More security experts pull out of RSA conference:  habichuelacondulce submitted a story from Information Week reporting the number of security experts pulling out of the RSA conference in protest of their dealing with the NSA has risen to nine. AS we mentioned before Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure was the first to pull out but now Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist and senior policy analyst for the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project; Google senior staff software engineer Adam Langley; attorney Marcia Hofman; and Taia Global CEO Jeffrey Carr. are among the people who will not attend their presentations or skip the conference altogether. RSA has said it did not use an algorithm now known to be weaker because of the NSA, but it has not denied receiving a $10 million payment.

Infected Yahoo ads in Europe part of a Bitcoin mining scheme:  webitube pointed out a TechDirt article explaining that the malware that recently infected Yahoo ads in Europe was Bitcoin mining software. The idea would be to use infected computers to mine for bit coins and credit any coins minted to the malware authors. This would have the negative effect of running infected computers constantly and running up infected users’s electric bills.

More links from the show: 

Snapchat is sorry:


Apple and Samsung want to work it out via mediation:


WWE launches its own network: The online network will be available on computers, iOS and Android devices as well as the Kindle Fire, Xbox 360, PS3 and 4 and Roku but only in the US.


Makerbot announces the Replicator Mini:


Pebble Steel actually steel:


7 thoughts on “DTNS 2145 – Watch this!

  1. Tom I just wanted to chime in with a few comments please.
    I like Mike Elgin and Sarah but now been it’s been a few days I prefer watching your show. I think you do a great job and have a great format. The key word though is WATCH. I know you keep saying that you are figuring out your new show and are primarily focusing on the audio. My opinion is, don’t lose your momentum. Leo has always said you have got to make a content easy for people to consume. My girlfriend and I have a nightly routine. No not that one, the other one which is watching you deliver the tech news. She is not very techy. She wants to pick up the harmony ultimate (which you recommended and it is terrific) go to the Apple TV and within a few clicks be watching the tech news. I am no expert that being said my advice is go ahead and make your video available on iTunes so people like myself and my girlfriend can easily watch it on the Apple TV and not have to dig through YouTube to find it. We love that you have great guest on however we really miss you having a consistent cohost.
    I have learned the hard way in my businesses that you don’t want to lose your momentum. You have a great following and great momentum just keep it going. Look forward to seeing more of your content.
    Last thing I want to say is thank you. You have come into our homes each and every day and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Johnny Wilde

    1. have to agree, Tom might want to focus on audio to get the news across without the distraction of himself, but body language, being comfortable on camera and natural reading go a long way to make the viewer feel relaxed consuming the information. This is something that is painfully obvious on TNT right now, anyway not here to beat up on Mike’s on camera charisma or lack thereof but to advise and agree you have to keep your content as video, the visual is important even if it is just you in front of a remarkably familiar backdrop. I am hideously bad on camera so can appreciate the skills it takes to make it look like it is easy.

  2. Great show as always! Some have mentioned about the shows title Daily Tech News Show being a tongue twister and as this show is in pre-alpha-beta-alpha-omega stage. I think the shows title is a perfect name. But I think you can change it up but also being the same. For an example during the opening of your show you could say “This is The Daily TNS I’m Tom Merritt and today we have…” Just an idea, Thank you for your hard work I am sure it will pay off as your show is finish and ready to launch!

  3. Great comments and I fully agree.

    I’m so happy to see that you’re continuing but really need the video to go along with the audio. I too have a daily routine. Mine is watching while shaving each morning to catch-up on the previous day’s news. The audio is ok if I’m driving but nothing beats both to wake you up in the morning.

    I use BeyondPod on Android and have been watching the TWIT shows for a long time. I agree that Mike is an excellent guest and very knowledgeable. But as you know; there is a difference between hosting a show and being a guest. And as for Sarah… well, better left unsaid.

    I’ll keep listening and watching for that video feed.

    Thanks and all the best,
    Chuck (LandLockedPH)

  4. Hey Tom,

    I’m so glad you were able to pick up with this show right at the start of the new year. As a long time TNT listener, I was worried about not having a good daily tech news show to listen to. I’ve really been enjoying the episodes, keep up the great work! Since you are in feedback mode, I did want to pass along a couple suggestions.

    Something I had been noticing was that the audio quality was a bit low, except episode 2144. I actually listen to the show in on my way home from work every day, so video is not a big deal for me, but audio quality is. I’m sure you’re probably trying to balance file size for bandwidth reasons, but I did want to mention it. I feel like the higher quality audio makes a huge difference. Comparable to AM vs FM radio.

    I also noticed that it seems like you have more dynamic range on your microphone compared to TNT… sometimes you get really quiet and I find myself turning up the stereo, then you get really loud again 🙂 I’m not sure if maybe TWiT was applying an audio compressor to your mic feed or what, but I don’t remember having problems hearing you then.

    Finally, I would vote for getting rid of the background music during the headlines. I think having a quick bumper clip is fine, but hearing the music coming up when you pause is a bit distracting.

    Thanks again for putting on a great show. Looking forward to future episodes!

    1. Yep, those are common observations. The better audio on 2144 was because of a setting on Hangouts that I forgot to switch on the other shows. I’ll get better at remembering, heh.

      The music bed is erratic and I need to fix it you’re right. Or lose it. I think I’ll try fixing it first. The microphone is the same microphone going through the same mixer. The difference is Hangout vs. Skype. Different codecs do different things.

      Thanks for the feedback!!

      1. Hey Tom,

        I just wanted to say that today’s episode sounded great! Audio quality was much improved, and it seemed like the music during the headlines seemed to stay at a consistent level, which was much less distracting.

        I thought you and Nicole Lee had a good chemistry on the show today… I really enjoyed the episode. Keep up the great work!

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