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Tom’s on assignment for Sword & Laser, but he’s got a great fill-in host…you!  Also: Darren Kitchen of Hak5  files a report en route to ShmooCon 2014.




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Show Notes:

Spotify drops free web listening time limit:  http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/15/spotify-limits/ 

Facebook adds trending topics:  http://www.businessweek.com/ap/2014-01-16/facebook-adds-trending-topics-to-site

Starbucks storing mobile passwords in clear text:  http://www.wtop.com/628/3543679/Starbucks-storing-mobile-passwords-in-clear-text

News From You:

Rich From Cleveland kicks off News From You with thoughts  on the 4k TV’s coming out of CES.

Dominique Corriveaux’s  has some ideas about on 4k TV prices.

Stephenater on wearable tech and whether it will translate beyond the ‘tech-o chamber’.

Anthony From Long Island on issues with the Fitbit Force.

Paul Kitchen on future IPv6 concerns.

Nathan Lock with updates from the UK tech scene on changes to Humax for Freesat, and the death of O2’s Wallet.

TJoe reports on Android on Atom.

Randall Bennett from Vidpresso on apps vs desktop platforms.

Toby Pinder on quantum bitcoin mining.

Google’s acquisition of Nest is still on your collective mind:

DJ has long-term concerns about Google’s track record of shutting down ‘unused’ services.

A listener from Edmonton has thoughts about Nest and Google’s customer service track records.

Nicole Lee of Engadget sends her take on the Google/Nest pairing.

In fact, Google in general is occupying your collective thoughts: 

Richardya on Google’s methods of acquiring new users.

Scott Johnson of FrogPants Studios and Current Geek  has some predictions on Google’s future.

Adam Christianson from the Maccast has some final thoughts on Google, including that that one we’re all thinking…you know, the one it might be time to worry about?

Molly Wood has a special message for Tom.  And check out the Net Neutrality BOL Double Rant Blast from the Past.

And finally, Patrick Beja checks in from France with a tech thought worth pondering about hackers.





One thought on “DTNS 2150 – News From You

  1. Just listened to the show. It was great!
    You have a devoted following, Tom…. but then how could you not with the quality of the podcasts you create… and your upstanding character.

    I must admit… I (along with a number of others, I am sure) was excited to see Molly was a contributer today.. and to hear her voice. I think we are ALL holding out she will become a cohost on the show! The “podcast chemistry” you two have is phenominal! Best of luck, Tom! You’re awesome!

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