DTNS 2167 – Flappy Drone

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comAndrea Smith joins us to lament the fate of Flappy Bird, duck drones in Dubai and get prepped for protest.


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Show Notes

Developer removes Flappy Bird game from Android and iOS stores Reuters reports that Dong Nguyen removed his popular app Flappy Bird from the Android and iOS App stores, this weekend. Now that it’s gone, phones with the game installed, which still works, have showed up on auction sites like eBay, some with bids in the tens of thousands of dollars. Nguyen posted on Twitter that the game’s success ruined his simple life and he couldn’t take it anymore. He says the removal was not about legal issues, and he would still make games.

Nokia to launch Android-based phone at Mobile World Congress Mashable passes along a Wall Street Journal report that Nokia will launch an Android-based phone later this month at Mobile World Congress. The device will not come with the Google Play app store and will target emerging markets. Microsoft is in the process of finalizing a deal to acquire Nokia’s handset business which predominantly makes Windows Phones.

News From You

AllanAV posted a cleantechnica article to the subreddit. The article describes a Polish Startup producing grapheme. The startup is co-owned by mining company KGHM and the Industrial Development Agency (ARP). It uses technology developed at the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw. That would make the company the only one commercially producing graphene. Graphene-based devices could make a big difference in solar power and energy storage among other industries.

Kylde, our self-described Subreddit janitor, submitted an article from AndroidPolice noting T-Mobile winning its lawsuit against former suitor AT&T over the color purple. A federal court in Texas has ruled that AT&T’s budget carrier AIO Wireless infringed T-Mobile’s corporate trademark magenta. Aio said it was plum not magenta.

And spsheridan and habichuelacondulce both submitted articles from geek.com and geekosystem respectively, discussing a DARPA program to develop a brain implant for soldiers to help trigger memories and overcome memory loss. The device would record and stimulate brain activity.

More links from the show

HTC to focus on low-end smartphones in an effort to boost sagging profits

Huawei to show off a smartwatch at Mobile World Congress later this month

Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange still down

Microsoft opens multi-factor authentication to all Office 365 users

7 thoughts on “DTNS 2167 – Flappy Drone

  1. I love your new show. You are doing everything right. Keep up the great work. Also, please enter me for the contest to win the MacWorld iWorld tickets and the Cirque du Mac concert. Thanks so much. I hope I am posting on ten right place.

  2. Just like the above commenter, I am also loving the new show (and was SUPER happy and excited that you continued a broadcast/podcast after TNT). ALSO like the above commenter, would love to be in the running for the tickets. 😉

    On a constructive note: if you ever have Andrea on the show again, please find a way to make sure she has a more sound-isolated mic/audio-device. There was tons of background noise and feedback from her end of the recording.

    …also (and I’m sure you get this a lot), even if you continue on with Patreon, your fans and followers love and support you. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that none of us would mind if you added paid advertisements like your previous efforts. You certainly deserve to be paid well for all your hard work! =)

  3. I’m really liking what you’ve been doing with DTNS, so much so that I became one of your Patreons (Patronus?) Keep up the good work.

    And I would like that pass to MacWorld/iWorld, too. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you’re off on your own now! I love how you tweeked the format just a bit to make it better and really your own. DTNS is my 2nd favorite show. What’s my 1st you might ask??? Current Geek! It is informative and funny.

    Please enter me for the contest as well.

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