13 thoughts on “What do you think of Daily Tech News show?

  1. I have been listening to tom 4 years way back in the screensaver days I absolutely love this show love everybody from twit major Android fan time keep up the great work you are awesome hopefully someday I will get a chance to meet you you ever come to Wisconsin please let me know and I’ll give you further details

  2. I not only appreciate the news, but your enthusiastic delivery. You and Sarah Lane’s Tech News 2Night are my every day sources of tech news. I also download other Twit shows for more specialized topics of interest.

    I appreciated you on Twit (to their great loss), and continue to do so with your affiliation with Frogpants.


  3. I love the show and am so happy that Tom is carrying on after TWiT. Jenny is awesome. Glad Patrick and JuRY are a weekly part of the show, too. No matter how many podcasts Tom is a part of I hope he keeps DTNS going forever (gotta have my daily fix of Tom’s humor & insights…it helps a 56 year old keep up with things!) Congratulations guys!

  4. Great show… Only change I’d make is to go longer than the 30-45 minutes. At times the news rundown and discussions seem too “vanilla”. You have great guests and I’d like to see more discussions go a little off track…(think Molly Wood 🙂

  5. What do I think of the DTNS? I love it!

    I’ve been a regular listener of Tom’s since he co-hosted Buzz Out Loud on CNET. I followed him to TWiT and I’ve joined his audience here on the DTNS. Tom’s objectivity and journalistic integrity shines through with every show I listen to. He remains my first and most loved choice for catching up on all things tech and for an entertaining commute to and from work. Thanks Tom and team!

    I don’t think the format of DTNS needs to change too much from what it is now. I’d like to see an update to the studio backdrop being used as it’s a little too TWiT Cottage for my tastes (sorry Leo). If anything, I’d love to see more shows from Tom on other subjects (Sword and Laser not withstanding).


  6. I love this show and listen to the podcast daily. The only suggestion that I would offer would be to open the discussion segment to more than one topic. I think the show is evolving in a great direction and I appreciate that you guys solicit feedback from the audience. Keep up the great work.

  7. I love the show because Tom and his guests are able to mix the seriousness of tech news with just the right amount of funny to make it enjoyable. I think it was the biggest mistake TWiT ever made, letting you go, but we get the benefit of some great shows hosted by Tom. But, those two points have always been the case with all the shows I have listened to Tom on, all the way back into the mid BOL days. (Which, between Tom and Veronica, I have to credit with getting me into the AIE Guild.)

    Keep up the great work, only two contributors to go before the week is full. (Molly Wood, I’m looking at you.)

  8. I need a wide variety of news and information in IT. I get my consumer-focused news from DTNS. I’ve enjoyed Tom’s work for years. I enjoyed the longer format at TWiT (which I no longer have time for since I prefer to watch DTNS), but there were more people there to help out.

    And I do /watch/ DTNS. Even though visuals are a less than trivial part of the DTNS news, I’m a visual kind of guy, and it just seems easier to absorb the news when its delivered in video. I have to concentrate harder when I listen to audio podcasts. Maybe it’s just me, but audio-only news seems to require more concentration to absorb. I save that effort for the infosec podcasts I listen to.

  9. You must live an interesting life, Tom. Have you ever considered The Truman Show as a model for your life? Think about it. 24/7 streaming of your everyday life.

  10. Rather than a quick run through of the days news, I’d like to hear you pull 3 or 4 news items and spend 10 or 15 minutes on each to take advantage of you and your guests knowledge of the tech field. There are numerous sources for headlines, but not so many that go into great depth.

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