Roger’s $0.02: The Drone Wars

This content is provided free as part of DTNS’s free content week. All Patreon exclusive content will be made available to everyone for one week only. Enjoy! And if you like what you hear or read please consider supporting us at Roger’s $0.02: The Drone Wars Ever since Russian-backed troops entered and annexed theContinue reading “Roger’s $0.02: The Drone Wars”

Daily Tech Headlines in the DTNS Feed

Dear DTNS Subscribers. When DTNS is dark, usually for a holiday, we put Daily Tech Headlines into the DTNS feed. We’ve decided to expand this policy to include any time DTNS isn’t releasing a regular live show. So for this holiday week schedule, we’ll be including Daily Tech Headlines into our regular DTNS feed alongContinue reading “Daily Tech Headlines in the DTNS Feed”

What Happened to the DTNS Video podcast?

The DTNS video feed is not actually run by us, it’s been maintained by a volunteer fan Shawn Wei for it’s entire life which has been most fo the time since we launched in 2014. In all that time Shawn has done an amazing job keeping the feed up and running. Tuesday we noticed thatContinue reading “What Happened to the DTNS Video podcast?”

An update on Daily Tech Headlines for Amazon Echo – Still Down

Last weekend we changed servers for the script that feeds Daily Tech Headlines to the Amazon Echo. Alex, who wrote the script made the appropriate changes and Dan who runs the server signed off. However Amazon returned an error saying the feed was not current. As anyone who subscribes to the podcast knows, there isContinue reading “An update on Daily Tech Headlines for Amazon Echo – Still Down”