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  1. Hey all,

    Rather than reviews, would it be worth doing “buyer’s guide” episodes? You would bring a guest on and talk about what to look for when buying a particular tech product. If I’m buying a laptop, what are the key decisions I need to make in today’s market? What’s the difference between CPUs? GPUs? Ram/HDD technology?

    You could do the same for routers, for phones, for smart home stuff, etc.

    Rather than telling people what to buy, you can help them to make smarter decisions when making their own purchasing decisions.

    You could probably repeat those every year as the tech market moves.

    Stay awesome,

  2. A couple of suggestions

    Podcast reviews new and successful ones

    podcast makers interviews on how and why and where they are going next

  3. I’m a night time custodian and I listen to your show every night so keep up the good work. I was listening to this episode and you were discussing ideas for shows. I would like to see would be a show called VS.
    it would be a show where you take two products and compare them so I phone vs pixel for instance. I would think it would be real popular cuz shows on YouTube which I look at quite a bit compare items in today’s saturated markets consumers are overwhelmed with choices and everybody’s claiming their product is the best. so there’s a lot of confusion what to buy seems like everybody’s having that problem you have different ecosystems do you take Google do you take apple do you take Amazon so on and so forth. So you can take a two different products maybe that are in the news and see which one you think is the best value for the consumer. and you can even get Whimsical and pick say McDonald’s against Wendy’s it doesn’t always have to be Tech although Tech would be the main focal point. anyway that would be the show I would be most interested in. thanks for keeping me occupied during my third shift job and keep up the good work.

    1. I like the idea of comparisons and thought something similar. The show would revolve around a type of tech, eg, graphic cards, to do apps. Three or four people are on with each focusing in one. The discussion would be among the group, each focusing on the functionality of the tech they worked through.

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