DTNS 2397 – Predictions for 2015

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comPatrick Beja and Justin Robert Young share their predictions for what to expect in tech in 2015.


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5 thoughts on “DTNS 2397 – Predictions for 2015

  1. Hey Tom,
    just to point out that Progressive has the snapshot that does pretty much what you predict in 2015 for the wearable of things in services. They give you a dongle similar to Automatic and then you drive for a period of time and they track your behaviors to see what kind of risk you are and apply a discount if you meet certain metrics.

  2. Happy New to all of DTNS!
    Just went for my New Year walk and listened to the Predictions show and got a little confused by mugs and percentages and the like…(hangover fog, perhaps?)
    Maybe next year go to more of a competitive style of show – give each predictor a $100 to bet on their predictions, which would show in which they are most confident , and then at the end of the year the others can award how successful they were on a percentage of their bet basis. You could maybe even bet on the other’s predictions.
    Have an even better 2015,

  3. Hello – current Patreon sponsor and long time fan of the show. I’ve done my best to summarize your notes in a Google Sheet here. [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-9MEGWlEHAi2SYAZyUqoYbnIK-X01joqbvG_k_0E24k/edit?usp=sharing]

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