New DTNS Goals for 2015

On Friday’s show I announced that Scott Johnson and Veronica Belmont would be the next two regular weekly contributors we’d like to add to the show. If our Patreon hist the next level, we can make that happen for sure! So if you can spare a dollar. That’s 5 cents a show. Go kick in at

That will get us within striking distance for an official video version of the show!

What do these contributors mean? No more guests?
No. It doesn’t mean that. It means we’ll have reliable regular guests who know how the show works and have a good flow.

It also means we have more flexibility to get guests who are experts on a particular story or aspect of a story. We’ve had a few reporters who like being on to talk about a thing they’re covering, but don’t really feel comfortable hanging out for the whole show. This gives us the ability to have them on more often.

In any case, we hope you’re excited and can help us bring Scott and Veronica on board!


3 thoughts on “New DTNS Goals for 2015

  1. Honestly have my reservations.

    It is good to hear different voices – especially if they are experts in a particular area.

    People like Scott are great but if I listen to TMS & Current Geek not sure if I want to hear his views again on DTNS.

  2. I kinda feel what Chris is saying. I really liked that wide variety of voices on the show, but I get how the logistics there are rough. And personally, regular Veronica or Darren is never a bad thing. I see his point with Scott being on all these shows too for the same reason – fresh opinons are good too. Then again, I was one of those clamoring for a return of voices like Patrick Norton or Molly Wood, so I may be somewhat hypocritical in this stance?

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