DTNS 2409 – Never Get In a Bitcoin War in the Darknet

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comDarren Kitchen is on the show and we’ll talk about the new Hacker’s List. Are hackers for hire always a bad thing? Plus Len Peralta is here to illustrate the show!


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Show Notes

Today’s guest: Darren Kitchen, hak5.org and Len Peralta, artist

Check out Len’s artprov for this week:


An 18-year-old man from Southport, England (about 28 KM north of Liverpool) was arrested as part of an investigation into the DDoS attacks on Xbox Live and PlayStation Networks over Christmas as well as accusations of SWATting. Ars Technica says the arrest was made as part of a joint operation between the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit and the US FBI. Some electronic devices were seized for examination as well.

The New York Times writes about a site called Hacker’s List that launched back in November. According to the Times it was launched by someone named “Jack” and two friends who are an MBA and a lawyer. The idea is that people post jobs they’ll pay hackers to do and the site holds money in escrow until both parties agree the job is done. About 500 bids are listed on the site ranging from recovering lost passwords to copying competitors client lists. The terms of service of the site however specifically forbid the use of the service for illegal purposes.

The Verge reports that Microsoft has once again dropped the price of the Xbox One to US$349 dollars, calling it “a new promotion.” Microsoft temporarily dropped the price of the Xbox One in some markets starting in November, and managed to outsell the PS4 in November and December. It’s unclear whether the price drop will happen outside the US, and it’s also unclear how long the “promotion” will last. But hey Consoles aren’t dead as total sales rose 20% over last year. Software on the other hand dropped 13% according to Engadget. So maybe people are just watching Twitch.

PC World reports Facebook has open sourced several software libraries that can be used to build AI-based products and services. Among the modules are ones that can speed image recognition, language modeling and other machine learning examples. The modules are developed at the Facebook AI Research Lab and run on the Torch framework, optimized for Nvidia GPUs. Facebook issued the modules under the BSD license.

The Guardian reports on a newly uncovered five-year US cybersecurity report from the US National Intelligence Council, that warns encryption technologies are not implemented fast enough leaving government and private computers vulnerable to attack. The report says encryption is the “best defense to protect data,” especially along with multi-factor authentication.

Ars Technica reports Google’s Project Zero just published another pair of Windows security flaws. As a reminder Project Zero finds bugs and notifies software makers, then gives them 90 days to fix it before they make the vulnerability public in order to arm users with information. The first bug is a minor info disclosure bug that both Google and Microsoft say doesn’t warrant a fix. But the second results in some shared data not being properly encrypted. Microsoft has a fix for this but because of a compatibility issue in late testing pushed it from this past Tuesday’s past to the one next February.

Ross Ulbricht is on trial, accused of being the “Dread Pirate Roberts” the name of the person responsible for the website Silk Road. Yesterday Ulbricht’s lawyer claimed that former Bitcoin CEO Mark Karpeles was the “Dread Pirate Roberts” , and that the defense has a “wealth of evidence” to prove the claim. The trial has been adjourned so that the prosecution has time to adjust to the new theory. Karpeles told Motherboard that he is not Dread Pirate Roberts and has not had any involvement in Silk Road.





News From You: 

SpacemanPete42 sent us the Gizmodo story that a company called Turn is using an using an undeletable number that Verizon uses to monitor customer habits, in order to respawn deleted cookies. Verizon and AT&T are among mobile Internet providers who have inserted a trackign number into all Web traffic that comes from a users phone. AT&T has stopped using the number but Verizon has not. Turn is a back-end processor of ads on websites.

KAPT_Kipper sent us the BBC report that a lost Beagle has been found on the surface of Mars. No, it’s not Admiral Archer’s beagle that new timeline Montgomery Scott beamed into subspace while trying to prove his transwarp theory . NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered the missing Mars robot Beagle2, and it’s apparently intact. Radio contact was lost with the probe on Dec. 19th, 2003 and its soft touchdown on Christmas Day was assumed a failure. Until now! Images from Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show the Beagle intact, and the theory is that its “petals”, which housed its solar panel, may not have unfurled, blocking the radio antenna. The Beagle2 project was led by the late Colin Pillinger and was notable for being one of the least expensive interplanetary missions ever devised.


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Pick of the Day: Comodo Free Secure Email Certificate via Harrison Ward

Wanted to send in another pick Comodo Free Secure Email Certificate, great for the price (FREE for personal use – $12 a year for commercial use) to digitally sign and encrypt emails (s/mime). It was quick to generate and deploy on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I use Outlook on the Mac (I know dirty but I like it for so many reasons {Primary I use Office 365 for business for my personal email – another pick some time}) very easy see the message is signed and validate the sender (Same in Mail.app). I have been able to set this up for multiple friends, family, and vendors I deal with. This has allowed for encrypted communications when ever the slightest personal information is being comunicated.


Bonus Spinoff Picks:
Domain Validation / Certificates – http://www.startssl.com
Host Email & More – Office 365 for Business http://products.office.com/en-US/business/office-365-business-essentials

Update on My Data Manager via Paul in Montreal

Hi Tom, just catching up on my backlog of episodes and on the January 9th episode, the pick of the day came from Jamie in BC: My Data Manager to monitor mobile data usage.

I not only second the pick, but I feel it important to mention that the app is also available for Android, and it`s one of my first installs on a new device. The killer feature is that when you configure your monthly data limit, it dynamically ajusts your “daily budget” for data usage up or down based on what you have used so far and what is left for the month.

Paul in Montreal (aka HotBranch from BoL days)


And from Darren:

I moaned last week how there’s no good video editor for Android. Seems KineMaster isn’t half bad actually – but they want a $5/mo or $40/yr subscription to render without their logo bug. Still on the lookout. ~DK

Monday is Martin Luther King Day in the US. So a  headlines only show. Tuesday’s guest is Patrick Beja.

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  1. Beagle 2:

    I know, I would love to see video of the first repair of a rover on another planet. I wonder if another rover could get over there and preform some sort of rover resuscitation. Probably a lot of work and some serious time and effort would go into this, but it’s still a cool idea. At the very least they could learn more about what happened if they went and investigated the site. Maybe this could help with future landing vehicles.

  2. Hey all – I love that you have the picks section for the official picks, but it seems like other picks come up informally in the course of the show that would be great to have in the wiki as well. I’m sure I’m not the only one who listens in the car, at the gym, or other places where you can stop and write it down. This seems to be especially true when Darren is on, as he always has several good picks.

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