DTNS 2430 – Headlines Edition

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comIt’s the Presidents Day holiday in the US, so here’s a brief headlines only edition of the show to fill the gap.


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2 thoughts on “DTNS 2430 – Headlines Edition

  1. One of Tom’s comments made me curious – in my life, I know WAY more people who get MLK Day off than who get President’s Day off. In fact, only bankers/government workers get President’s Day of the people I know. I’m wondering what the rest of the DTNS Army has experienced in that regards?

  2. Autonomous Cars? C’mon guys, really? It’s beginning to sound like the monorail episode on the Simpsons. Do you really believe you will see computer driven vehicles on our wild, chaotic roads within our lifetime. I don’t believe that just because a computer can stay within a lane or avoid a pop up mannequin on a stick means we are ready for driver less cars?

    Most of the modern world has agreed that it will take the average human brain at least 16 years of absorbing enough intelligence before allowing them to safely drive among us. Making a possible life or death assessment when we see a loose dog or maybe some kid on a wobbly bike requires human empathy and a compassion for life. What we have now is some primitive unemotional logic that may or may not decide to panic stop if the situation is pre programmed in its database.

    I live in New York City and I invite you to try driving around here someday so you can shake off some of that futuristic “driver less car” nonsense and sample the unique mixtures of driving skills that some of our fine residents are more than happy to demonstrate. If you think you will sit in the backseat of a self driving car around here anytime soon, I have a jetpack and some unobtanium I’d like to sell you.

    Love the show,

    NYC Dave

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