DTNS 2454 – Great Walls of Fire

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comDarren Kitchen talks with us about the fragmenting of the Internet in light of the GreatFire DDoS and other crackdowns.Plus Len Peralta illustrates the show.


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One thought on “DTNS 2454 – Great Walls of Fire

  1. Hey Tom,

    In response to Friday’s show where HBO, Showtime, and others want to put servers into an ISP’s Data Center… As a person who has done such a task with third-party payment gateways on major card providers networks and third-party servicers on major banking networks, it is very cost-prohibited. To do this, you would have to set up a termination point for the main-feed to connect to a lease-line that terminates at the data center in question. The trunk of the lease-line at the data center will still need to be connected into a dedicated switch within the data center. The servers will have to connect up to the switch. This all will have to be done twice (primary/backup or hot/hot fail over or some type of forced fail over load-balancing). Say all this was accomplished then you have server support, patching, emergency access, upgrade cycles and more. There is a lot more detail that I could bore you with, but you get the idea. Putting a server into another company’s data center is glossed over as an easy-inexpensive task. If it was, then all the bank’s and financial institutions I’ve worked for must have been doing something wrong.
    Akamai, F5, and the like, have a business-model that capitalizes on the connectivity complexities and costs. It will be cheaper, more efficient to use them than do it yourself. Most tier 3 and tier 4 data centers already have access to these services built in.

    BTW, if they do want to do this, I’m always looking for work 🙂 !

    Love the show!

    Joe formerly from lovely Cleveland.

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