DTNS 2542 – Huawei’s On Their Wei Up

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comScott Johnson, Justin Young and Tom Merritt kick around Google’s new timeline feature for maps that shows you exactly what it knows about where you live work and travel. Plus the ethics of road-testing car hacks.


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2 thoughts on “DTNS 2542 – Huawei’s On Their Wei Up

  1. It was a bit difficult to listen to you guys talk about Google’s timeline feature as you have not been using location tracking, I have had it turned on for over 4 years and I have found it extremely useful in its different incarnations. For my job I have to complete my own attendance sheet and since I am lazy I just wait until the end of the month and check my history. I have collected over 3 years of commuting data and I know when is the best time to leave home or work on a particular day, in fact I wish I had a way to export that particular data and give it to a city planner or research student to glean some insights that would help with our traffic problems. I also can’t wait for the day when someone accuses me wrongfully of a crime and I go to court and they say “where were you at 7:21pm on August 3rd 2013” , and I would respond “Well according to my Location history, I was at the coffee shop on Belmont Boulevard”

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