DTNS 2574 – from DragonCon

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comDue to a technical failure the audio in this episode is substandard. Our apologies. We included it for completeness but please know we will endeavour to better in the future.



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6 thoughts on “DTNS 2574 – from DragonCon

  1. Uh-oh. Somebody didn’t select the right recording source, and they ended up with audio from the built-in mic, catching the room PA system. At 4:35, I could make out someone saying very clearly “I’m getting like, almost nothing on it!”

    LOL. I work in radio (I’m the voice of “product may contain nuts”) so I know how it goes. Love the show anyway.

  2. Wow! I starting watching the live stream and couldn’t stand it. Well, says I to me, they will have a local audio and, at best, will sync it with the final video and at worst the shows audio will be listenable. The video from DC was low in interest and not as enjoyable as the hangouts are, so not needed. Well, we know about the audio version, do we not? Really? There was no one who could patch their phone into the board and get a clean feed? Wasn’t anything tested first? Was there no backup recording or source? Better planning needed in the future. These are dry runs for the $50,000 level. Normally, love the show.

  3. Steve: You are correct. I was monitoring the board feed, so it sounded good in my ears, but had accidentally fed the laptop mic into the recording program, so I didn’t realize the recording was picking up the wrong audio until I noticed the levels were differnt than what I was hearing. Unfortunately this was the first session using new equipment, with only a few minutes to plug in and test – though that’s not an excuse. This was completely and entirely my fault, and I apologize to the entire DTNS community.

    1. Just to be clear AcuZod went above and beyond trying to fix things afterwards. Lots of folks telling me not to beat myself up about it. Don’t beat yourself up about it either.

  4. Thank you for uploading this anyway. From your description I was expecting it to be much worse, but actually found it ok to listen to.
    Thanks for your constant hard work, and as your boss I’ll forgive you for this one little slip-up 🙂

  5. I was sad to not have a show to listen to on Friday, but I understand mistakes can happen. These shows are always a little difficult to hear and understand when it’s a live show situation anyway, so I get how it could easily get even worse if something was overlooked. Better luck next time, or feel free to just skip them and do headlines only on those days or have guest hosts.

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