DTNS 2587 – Pebble Is Coming ‘Round

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comHappy Birthday may enter the public domain now while data may not be allowed to leave Europe for the US. Plus, Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson look over the upcoming Amazon TV pilots.


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One thought on “DTNS 2587 – Pebble Is Coming ‘Round

  1. Christian’s comment at the end of the show, that Volkswagen will pull out of the US market and Apple and it’s potential car will fill that void, may be an unlikely oversimplification of market forces and car development timing.

    But the heart of his comment seems (to me) to be the issue of trust. If VW were to loose ground in the US, it would be because Americans have lost trust in them. If Apple were to succeed in the car market, it would be because we trust them–to build high quality hardware, well-integrated with cutting edge software, backed up by exemplary customer service, that all respects our privacy.

    Scott’s statement that Google is as likely if not more so than Apple to be successful in the car market also gets to the heart of Christian’s comment: Would we trust Google more than VW with our automotive lives? I think the answer here is more mixed. I trust Google to build a car navigation system that is the best available in terms of navigation, usability, etc., but I don’t know that I trust them to build the hardware well, and I certainly don’t expect them to protect my data.

    The VW scandal shows that all companies will be increasingly faced with questions of public trust in the future. Some are better prepared to face these questions than others.

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