DTNS 2595 – CEO^2

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comDrones may not be getting FAA Rules yet, but they are getting their first film festival, and Veronica Belmont, Justin Young and Tom Merritt chat with Eddie Codel organizer of the Flying Robot International Drone Film Festival.


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One thought on “DTNS 2595 – CEO^2

  1. Great show as always, and thanks for featuring my pick, Beats1. JuRY mentioned he wished he could listen to the broadcasts and shows on demand, instead of just live. In case you didn’t know, all the shows are available about 12 hours after they air, for at least one week (until they’re replaced by the next week’s show).

    To find them, in iTunes or the Apple Music app, click on Radio > Beats1. Scroll down the Beats1 page and you’ll see the DJ’s, to listen to their most recent broadcast, interviews, etc., click the DJ and then click the Connect tab. (Yes, like everything about the app, it’s obscure and confusing.)

    Likewise, on the Beats1 page you can scroll further down and you’ll see all the special shows. Click on any show and then click it’s Connect tab to see their latest recordings.

    Definitely not as easy as subscribing to a podcast, but it’s awesome to be able to hear the shows. You can also see the playlists for each show.

    Note that they are slowly posting more Beats1 video content (mostly interviews) on YouTube, of all places (it’s a whole new Apple). Zane Lowe has a particularly good interview with the Beastie Boys.

    Thanks again, everyone, for all your great shows on DTNS1.

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