DTNS 2621 – Under WordPressure

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.com25% of the web runs on WordPress according to one estimate. Patrick Beja and Tom Merritt talk about what that means for the Web, open source, and more.


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One thought on “DTNS 2621 – Under WordPressure

  1. In regards to the first impressions of the Samsung Gear VR, I have the Innovator Edition and use it with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s a very impressive proof of concept. The head tracking is fluid and the experience is quite immersive, but the resolution is poor; comparable to the old tube TV sets. This is not a deal breaker. You quickly get over the resolution issue. My only real complaint with it is that you are locked into using the Oculus app as your only interface. There are other apps in the Play Store that can provide an immersive 3D experience, but they can’t be used with Gear VR Innovator Edition because the Oculus app launches as soon as you attach the phone to the goggles. If Oculus provided a way to operate external apps with their interface, this would be a much better product. Perhaps they have done this with the new model being released this month.

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