DTNS 2654 – Quarterly Analyst Check-in

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comWe chat with some of our top Patreon supporters about how DTNS is doing and where it’s headed in 2016.


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One thought on “DTNS 2654 – Quarterly Analyst Check-in

  1. I will always remind you to disclose Tom. 😉 I love this idea that Jennie has. I’ve wanted to do a podcast like this for years. Something that would be in between something like a This Week in Tech which assumes you’re a geek listening to it or the main stream media which isn’t always as accurate on these topics. There’s nothing in the middle unfortunately and I think someone needs to take that space because it is completely empty right now, and who better to do it then Jennie. Love, love, love this idea!

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