DTNS 2657 – Predictions for 2016

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comThe DTNS team members make their best guesses at what will happen in tech in 2016.


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2 thoughts on “DTNS 2657 – Predictions for 2016

  1. Just listened to your Predictions for 2016 episode virtual reality portion. One prediction that I would like to make regarding that is a significant increase in consumer affordable 360 degree spherical cameras. People will begin to take immersive pictures and videos of events that will provide VR experiences to their friends and followers using Google Cardboard and Oculus viewers.
    btw, excellent podcast in general. It is organized and stays on topic.

  2. I always enjoy listening to the end of the year prediction shows. Here were my 5 Tech Predictions for 2015 that I sent to DTNS last year:

    -Google will unveil the newest Nest device that will be the central hub to talk to all your devices
    -Amazon will buy Uber
    -One of the following companies will purchase Areo: Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo!
    -The next smartphone Microsoft comes out with will be able to run the full Windows 10 OS
    -Apple’s next ipad line will run a full OS

    Here are my 5 predictions plus a long shot prediction for 2016:

    -The US will lose the robot fight with Japan.
    -Google’s projectFi will add AT&T to their selection of carriers
    -Samsung’s 2016 GearVR will work with any smartphone with a USB C connection
    -Nintendo will come out with a Virtual headset along side their next Nintendo
    -Microsoft will have the most interesting phone of the year, unless Google’s project Aura is finally introduced

    **Long shot prediction: Google will introduce a pressure sensitive stylus that uses bluetooth instead of a proprietary Wacom type of tech.

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