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Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comFrance was the number 3 most represented country at CES. Patrick Beja talks with Tom Merritt about France’s roots as tech powerhouse.


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3 thoughts on “DTNS 2664 – La Tech du Jour

  1. Hi Tom and the DTNS crew. during your discussion of the mom and pop tech shop in France that Patrick was describing I was reminded of the ACP Computer and Electronics Meet in Santa Ana. Not sure if you have heard of this from the lair in LA but I thought you might be interested. It is only on the last Sunday of every odd month, 1/31/16, but is filled with knowledgeable people that are fun to meet.

  2. Didn’t anyone on your show read “Catch 22”? The character Major Major usually came up in name discussions for years after the novel came out.
    Tom’s comment on learning Russian and English grammar is not unusual. My niece, now age 21, went through the NYC public school system which did NOT teach English grammar. When she entered a Catholic high school she had to learn English grammar while also studying Latin. She was fascinated. And when I studied Russian in high school, it was after one year of Latin. Russian and Latin grammar systems have enough in common,(no articles, 5 cases, 5 declensions) that when I explain the complexities of Russian grammar to friends, the former Latin students understand right away.

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