DTNS 2696 – Xamarin May Cause Invalid Page Faults

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comThe ad blocking wars pit your privacy and security agains publisher’s need to make money and a mobile ad panel at MWC turns heated. Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson discuss where the line should be.


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5 thoughts on “DTNS 2696 – Xamarin May Cause Invalid Page Faults

  1. I suppose this is the best place to post a follow up to the Twitter conversation from last week.
    “disagreement with my opinion” is a reportable offense in Twitter, on the same level as disrespect and offensive.

    I know think Patrick is wrong, and that Twitter can become an echo chamber of insignificance.

  2. I am a couple of days behind in my podcast playlist and I apologize if this point has already been discussed.

    Regarding the FBI vs Apple discussion. If you consider the phone a sophisticated electronic diary of phone calls, travel, web browsing, etc. with the information stored as 1’s and 0’s then I think it is within the power of the FBI to seize and search it. Encrypting the information just rearranges the 1’s and 0’s but does not fundamentally change the fact that information has been recorded about you.

    You own your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The space between your ears is private. Once something is recorded in any manner you no longer have absolute control over it. Apple will lose this war either one battle at a time or all at once. It would be better to consider the phone the “friend” you can’t ever tell a secret to or the diary with the cheap lock that anyone with a key, blade or paperclip could read.




    1. The legal fight isn’t about whether the FBI has the right to search and seizure. It’s about thwther they can compel Apple to assist in that search. Appel doesn’t have the information sought.

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