DTNS 2721 – WeChat is Everything

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.com A very long show from two chatty Australians, talking news, rumours, and a recent trip to China.



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5 thoughts on “DTNS 2721 – WeChat is Everything

  1. Are we not going to get show notes for these weekend editions? That would be a huge loss, especially if some of these stories are not then covered on the regular weekday shows.

  2. Hey Peter. I’ve heard on Home Theatre podcast from the US the host recommending Oppo Blu-ray players for what feels like a decade now. Oppo do have a presence over there, but I think it’s only Home Theatre products. TWIT’s Scott Wilkinson in particular recommends them often because of their constant compatibility updates. Still I had no idea they were here in Australia so thanks for cluing me in. I might have to look at them for a UHD Blu-ray player when the time comes.

    1. Yep! The blu Ray players are out of my price range, but we did ask if they were releasing UHD and they said sometime this year.

  3. Great job on spreading FOMO about litecoin and bitcoin- I get it – spread doubt while you buy it up – Then later , after you get in Cheap – Promote it to drive the price up – NICE MOVE

    Like the show better if it was less jokes and more real tech talk like the old days – Some of you speak much better than others , thats why I listen to all but the round tables. I find it funny how you, and crew, re-act as if bitcoin and the blockchain are new things and are for BAD people – HA HA – keep up the work my friend .

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